Friday, September 16, 2011

Flirty, Thirty, and Thriving

Where did that phrase come from anyway? ha! Couldn't help but use it since I'm officially THIRTY today!! And I still feel like I could throw on my high school cheerleading uniform and perform at the RHS pep rally today! (although I bet I'd be really sore tomorrow.) Anyway, I realize that my big day isn't nearly over and there's way more fun to come, but it's already been absolutely the BEST birthday ever!!! Starting with last weekend...I got to celebrate with my sweet family out at the Ranch and open lots of fun and thoughtful gifts from them. Then, last night, we went to dinner at one of my favorite Fayetteville restaurants, Greenhouse Grille, with some of my favorite people! It was us, Henrys, Coles, Nicodemus', John William, Harris', and Kramers. SUCH a fun group! I feel so blessed. Then, sweet Katie had everyone over for dessert at her house afterward. And, of course, made it so cute and special...

 I told her like a week ago that I'd been craving fruit pizza, so she made these delicious mini fruit pizzas.
 so cute!
 not so cute. but funny. :)
LOVE these girls!

Then, this morning, John David made me scrambled eggs and a smoothie and I enjoyed being able to spend the morning with him and Lyla! A rarity. Whenever he left for work, I headed to Katie's for a little playdate with Sawyer, and Haley and Stella. 

When I got there, she surprised me with a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. YUMMY!

and Lyla made me a masterpiece for my Bday. 

Then, we headed over to the Pi Phi house for some CHICKEN FINGER FRIDAY!
Talk about making my birthday extra special!! My heart still is so happy whenever I step foot in that house! SO many fun memories!! John David, Phil, and Richard met me, Kaleigh, and Kristen up there and I got to see a lot of my Bible Study girls as well. It was so fun! Lyla is so popular and well taken care of every time we're there.  I love it.
My delicious lunch!! It's even better than when I lived in the house.
Now, before you judge me, I did share this plate with Lyla.
(although I'm pretty sure I downed most of it myself.)

which is why this is what my belly looked like when I got home! :)
15 weeks today!! 
And I feel like it officially "popped" this week!

(as compared to last week...14 weeks): 

I'm feeling very loved, blessed, and thankful today! So far, 30 isn't so bad after all! :)

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