Friday, September 2, 2011

Hello 2nd Trimester!!

13 weeks
Feels good to officially start my 2nd trimester.
And check out that bump! (although please ignore the dirty mirror. ha!)
Baby is definitely growing! YAY!

I have felt really great this week. I feel like my energy level during the day is back to normal. In fact, I feel like "nesting" is already kicking in. (is that normal this early??) I'm in the mood to clean out and organize like crazy! I still feel a crashing spell around 7 or 8, but once Lyla is down I usually get a second wind. I'm still starving ALL day long...literally eat like every hour. In fact, I shamefully gave into a random craving I've had all pregnancy...Toaster Strudels. So random, I know. I hadn't had one since like middle school. But, every time I passed a box at Walmart, they were screaming my name! So, I caved this week. I knew they wouldn't be as good as I was hoping they'd sweet, it kinda grosses me out. But, I'm sure I'll eat the whole box eventually. :) I truly feel like this pregnancy is FLYING BY. Every week goes by in a blink, and I can't believe I've progressed another week! I really think chasing a toddler around changes everything...sometimes I forget I'm even pregnant. 

Anyway, baby B is pumped up to hear some hog calling for the first time this weekend. I'm sure that little angel will be raising those hands and doing some "woooooing" from inside my belly!! We will be taking Lyla tailgating AND to the game...hope we make it to halftime! :) But, we are excited for some Razorback football!!!!! So excited that Fall is pretty much here! It's my favorite!! GO HOGS! :)

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