Monday, September 12, 2011

Lyla's Birthday Celebration!

We just returned from the MOST FUN weekend celebrating Lyla's birthday at the Ranch. Her actual birthday is not until this Saturday, the 17th. However, after talking to our families, several of them had commitments that weekend, and it turned out that this past weekend was better for most. So, we just celebrated a week early! Ever since the Ranch was built, I've been dreaming of a weekend with our families out there, so I decided to make Lyla's birthday our excuse to get everyone to come out to it! :) Also, Lyla is OBSESSED with The Fresh Beat Band. I mean, obsessed. Knows all the songs and dances, talks about the characters ALL the time, and gets so giddy when it comes on TV. So, I've known for months that I wanted to do some kind of Fresh Beat Band theme for her 2nd birthday. I decided to go ahead and go with it, even though it was just family, and I'm SO glad I did!! It cost about 10 bucks total to throw this theme into it, and it made Lyla and Olivia (and me) SO happy! :) 

So, here are a billion pics from our time at the Ranch. It truly was (almost) perfect, other than missing the Deals and Marshalls!! But, overall, the weather was gorgeous, it was super relaxing, the kids were so awesome and well behaved, and we just had so much fun!! 

 The sassy birthday girl herself...showing off her t-shirt.
 And Olivia wore her Fresh Beat Band shirt as well!
 We started the morning off with a "Hip, Hop, and Pop" Popcorn Party. :)
 waiting patiently with their popcorn bags

 enjoying their popcorn in the media room

 The kids enjoyed their "Cool Beans Coloring Station" all weekend as well. :) 
 These two were such great helpers making the cupcakes!
 Well, OK, Olivia actually made all the cupcakes herself. Lyla just helped taste test the icing. :)

Several months ago, Jana sent Lyla this cardboard house that you get to decorate. I've been saving it for this weekend so all the cousins could help. Of course, I had to incorporate The Fresh Beat Band theme, and since one of their songs is called "Stomp the House", that's what I went with. :)
 It provided some serious entertainment all weekend!

 We grilled burgers and hotdogs for lunch, served with chips and fruit. yummy!!
 Time to blow out the candle and enjoy the delicious cupcakes Olivia made us!
Olivia also made these cups for our "groovy smoothies". Could not have pulled off this party without my little helper!!
 A Whitney Sandwich! :)
 throwing rocks...endless entertainment as well.
 Of course, we had to do a wardrobe change to get ready to cheer on the Hogs!!
 We spent lots of time riding around in the Ranger or rocking on the porch, looking for deer. They were everywhere! So fun!
 Crossfit in action...Aunt Whit heading out for a closer look at the deer. :)

 This little cutie held my hand in the back of the Ranger. Be still my heart.
 More fun with the house!
 For dinner we ate chili while we cheered on the Hogs in the media room. Then, we headed out to the fire for S'Mores! Lyla was still calling the Hogs, of course.

 Then, after baths and PJ's, we ended our fun day opening presents!!
 Wahoo! New Chucks from the Marshalls! She wanted to put them on right away, and we had to pry them off her feet at bedtime! She asked to put them on first thing the next morning...I think it's safe to say she LOVES them! They are pretty darn cute!
 Sporting her new flower clip my mom MADE! LOVE IT!
 Feeding her new turtle some of her new kitchen food. :)
 pretending to eat her cute that it actually folds down??
 And, heading to bed after a FULL day of celebrating!
 One of my favorite things about being at the on the front porch in PJ's.

 Banana Pops for breakfast? Why not?

 Missing John Morris, Annie, and Max!

Thanks, everyone, for coming!!!
Lyla, we had so much fun celebrating your life and we can't wait to keep celebrating all week!!


  1. Watch out for Lyla and Olivia, America's Next Top Model Cycle 43.

  2. such an adorable group of kiddos! You did such a good job with her party!