Friday, October 14, 2011

19 weeks and some sisterly love!

I'm 19 weeks today, which means I'm almost halfway there! I'll for sure have her by 39 weeks (c-section) so, 20 weeks to go! :) Baby girl is 6 inches long, head to bottom, and weighs 8.5 oz. I have felt really pregnant the past week or so...just starting to feel uncomfortable for the first time. And I'm at such an awkward stage, where maternity pants are still way too big, but my regular jeans are way too tight. So, I'm thankful for the leggings and bella bands I've been living in! I've had such an easy pregnancy so far, so I really can't complain!! I just keep thinking about how much longer I have to go, and I get worried that I already feel so big! ha! :)

But, despite some discomfort, it's been the SWEETEST week with Big Sister! Now that my belly has officially popped out, it's like it all clicked for Lyla. She asks to see and touch the baby ALL the time, and gives her kisses and love-pats all day long. It truly melts my heart and makes me so excited that I think she's starting to get it. The other day, the baby was moving around a lot, so I put Lyla's hand on my belly and she actually felt her kick a few times!! She giggled so hard and kept saying, "more sister!!" It was such a sweet memory! I love that she's already acting so tender toward her, and has been way more into playing "mommy" with her baby dolls. I always tell her she's getting in some great big sister practice. For example, literally just now as I was blogging, I noticed she was being quiet as she was supposed to be just playing in her room. I went to check on her, and found her in the bathroom like this:

Sometimes I read to her while she's on the potty trying to poop. So apparently, her baby doll needed to go potty as well. :) She pulled her stool in there and everything. Love it.

Now here's a peek at some of her sisterly affection:

This morning, at breakfast, I asked her who her best friend is and she said, "mommy. daddy. baby." I HOPE and pray that comes true, that they truly will be the BEST of friends their entire lives!! (although there's a really good chance she was referring to her baby doll, I'm going to assume she was talking about her baby sister!) :)

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