Friday, October 28, 2011

Fall Carnival

Last night, Lyla and I joined some friends at a community Fall Carnival. My friend Sarah Boyce invited us, and I jumped at the chance because John David was (of course) working late (sweet hardworking boy!!), and it gave us something to do during those long evening hours while we wait for him to come home. ;) Now, getting her dressed for the occasion almost made me second guess our decision to go.  Let's just say that she HATES wearing anything other than just her panties, her princess nightgowns, or her ballerina outfit. That's. It. Nothing. Else. (Any suggestions moms?? Am I the only one fighting this battle??)  

Anyway, my plan all along was for her to be a Razorback cheerleader since she's soooo into the Razorbacks right now and I figured she'd love it! But, since it was freezing outside, I needed to put on a turtle neck, leggings, and uggs underneath it all. That was a battle in and of itself. And after that there was NO way I was getting that cheerleading outfit on! All that to say, we resorted to our trusty pink leotard and tutu and I guess she went as a Ballerina. It was the best costume we could muster up. :) 

I DO think the fight was well worth it, though, and she had an absolute BLAST once we got there! Hasn't stopped talking about it since. All day today she's been saying "more carnival!" And I'm hoping it helped her understand that this whole dressing up thing is actually FUN and maybe she won't fight me on it come Monday. Maybe. 

 (again, this is her "cheese" face. A little more scary/angry-looking than happy.)
 This ballerina princess was obsessed with playing in the dirt...such a perfect mix of super girly, yet a little bit of tomboy in her. :)
 showing off her awesome tattoo. She was so proud.
 Some of the fun friends we ran into!
 pinning the tail on the cat
 admiring her prize for pinning the tail on...a lollipop, her fave! 
 digging for gold coins with her friend Ella, the unicorn
cutest Frankenstein I've ever seen
of course, she went for the tallest hole, and threw the beanbag in perfectly about 5 times in a row...I was impressed! :)

As you can see, she had a blast! We basically just walked around to each booth. They would play the game, and then pick a treat from a bowl. She was so excited to come home and show Daddy all the treats she won...including a rubber snake, a kaleidoscope, a frankenstein ring, a glow stick bracelet, and of course some candy. SCORE! 

And, we got home just in time for Mommy and Daddy to have about a billion heart attacks and panic attacks watching the Ranger game!!!!! I'm still not fully recovered. Hopefully a WIN in game 7 tonight will do the trick! GO RANGERS!!! 

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