Monday, October 24, 2011

Farmland Adventures!

Last Wednesday, our community group went to Farmland Adventures, a pumpkin patch that's right by our house. We've been wanting to take Lyla for a while now, and of course the one night our community group went fell on the coldest night in Fayetteville yet. But, a little frostbite didn't keep this group from having fun!! As soon as we got there, we saw Emerson riding a pony! First pony ride at 5 months old...pretty impressive! We got there a little too late for Lyla to ride the pony, but she didn't seem to mind. She just thought it was fun to look at them. 

 playing in the big box of corn!

 petting a baby goat
 She got so excited over all the animals!
 precious little cold face on the wagon ride...soaking it all in.

 This wagon ride basically consisted of riding around in a big field. At least we had fun people surrounding us and a pretty sunset to to watch! 
 The driver did stop the wagon at the chicken coop, and passed around a chicken for the kiddos to pet.
 And now for the real entertainment! Who knew pumpkins could be so fun?!? 
After the wagon ride, we enjoyed some much needed hot chocolate. Yummy to my tummy!
Then, the few sips the kids got was enough to send them giggling and running around all the pumpkins in a mini hyper fest!

And of course, Lyla and Sawyer took turns jumping off this bale of hay. 
Despite the cold and the overpriced entrance fee, it ended up being a fun night and Lyla hasn't stopped talking about it since. Every time she sees a pumpkin she says "Pumpkin patch. So fun!!" It's all about the memories, right!? :) 

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  1. It really is all about memories! Glad you all had a good time despite the cold & high fee. I suppose in the end it was all worth it to you just to see her smiling face!