Friday, October 7, 2011

Friday Randoms!

SO happy it's Friday!! Especially because my sister and BIL, and my friend Katie and her boyfriend are headed to Fayetteville to play all weekend!!! I'm a giddy girl!!! 

Here are a few things we've been up to this week...
Sawyer came over to play yesterday, and while they were hitting golf balls in the front yard, we spied this huge, furry caterpillar!! It was quite the entertainment!! They laid in the grass like this for about 20 minutes just taking turns touching it and giggling. At one point, it completely stopped moving and they both said, "uh oh." and we all just stared at it for a good while, hoping they hadn't killed the poor thing. When it finally started moving, we all jumped up and down saying, "it's alive! it's alive!!" :)
When Lyla hasn't been playing with caterpillars, she's been SUPER into princesses these days!! She and Estelle dressed up the other day in their princess costumes and just took care of their babies and twirled around, feeling oh so pretty. EVERY time I put her down for a nap now, she wants me to change her into her princess pj's. And every time I get her dressed, she points to her outfit and says, "princess!" Love me some little girls!!! :)
We've pretty much hung out with the Colliers almost daily, which makes me SO happy! After Sarah Boyce picked the kiddos up from school, we met them at Pink Swirls for some yogurt. And the daddies even got to meet us there after they got off work! Such a treat!! 
Now, I know as much as anyone that this girl is a CLONE of her daddy, but come on, do you see ANY of me in her??? 
(this is me)  :)
 This is her newest thing. She LOVES putting her fingers like this and saying, "rock on!"
Does it ALL the time. hahaha! My little rockstar princess.

And here's another thing I taught her that cracks me up. She moves her hand over her face and says "happy!!", then moves her hand back down over her face and says "sad." Like this...
(LOVE her sad face. haha!)
 AND baby sister is growing like crazy! Getting bigger by the day!
18 weeks today!!
So, Lyla and I went on a "nature walk" around the neighborhood today to collect leaves for our craft. We ended up walking SO far because Lyla decided she wanted to walk to the pond and see the ducks. Well, by the time we finished, it was naptime...we were hot, tired, and thirsty. And this pregnant Mama had to carry Lyla all the way back to the house...uphill, in the heat. About 1/2 a mile. Whew. Talk about a workout. Thankful she's napping now and I'm sitting on the couch blogging! Hope that dang craft is worth the work it took to gather these leaves! :)

Anyway, told you...RANDOM Friday! Hope you all have a great weekend!!! GO HOGS!

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