Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween Boofast!

We just got home from absolutely the cutest halloween party my eyes have ever witnessed. Our friends Matt and Ellen Hillis had a Halloween "Boofast" and Razorback watch party this morning/afternoon, and my pictures only capture about a tenth of the details that went into this party!! I really wanted to snap about a thousand more pics, but kinda felt silly. So, I just got a few. But, seriously, it was so much fun!! 

 Some of the food spread...absolutely delicious!! Every single bite. 
 Adorable little halloween touches all over the place.
 The drink table...please notice the juice boxes wrapped up like mummies!
 The kids table. After they ate, she had Halloween coloring packs for each child, and a treat bucket with stickers for them to decorate. She also had an entire cupcake decorating station that we never even made it to! The kids were thoroughly entertained the entire time!! Which made for some happy daddies (and mommies) who got to actually watch the Razorback game (which was absolutely pitiful. We did pull out a win...but barely. The games the kids were playing were way more entertaining!)
 seriously...cute details galore.
 Another game she planned for the kids was they each took a turn pulling out a piece of paper from the bucket. If it said "treat", they got to pick something from the big treat bucket. If it said "trick", it had some kind of trick for the kids to do, like hop on one leg, or sing your favorite song, etc. Lyla got SO into every single trick and thought it was so much fun! And they all actually waited patiently for their turns. A Halloween miracle.

At halftime, she planned a game for all the adults to play (husbands included!). We all put on masks to hide our eyes, then Ellen would pass out candy for us to taste. After we all tasted, we took off our masks and wrote down what we thought it was. It was actually kind of hard! She didn't pick your typical candy bars, but you won't be surprised to know that John David won! I was so proud. :) 

Lyla came home with a treat bag of goodies, and here's the bucket she decorated. She had an absolute blast! It's so fun for her to be at the age where she can actually get into holidays and create memories. I feel so blessed to have creative, thoughtful friends like Ellen to help create those memories for her! :) Thanks, Matt and Ellen!!

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  1. That's so fun! I bet she freaked out when she saw the ghost donuts, haha.