Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Official!

We had our big ultrasound at the Dr. this morning, and they confirmed what we suspected...a GIRL!!! It was so much fun seeing her move all around in my belly! Even the ultrasound tech couldn't believe how much she was moving, and said she was kicking her legs nonstop. (so, that's what I've been feeling over the past couple weeks!) Lyla was a big-time mover as well, so it looks like she'll have a little sister to keep up with her busy little self! :) The Dr. said everything looks "perfect" (I love that word!!) and that she's measuring right on schedule! She's about 7 inches long, head to bottom, and about 12 ounces. We also got to hear her heartbeat, which is the greatest sound ever!! It was beating at 145 bpm. I'm so thankful for a healthy baby...and another girl!!! 

 (her face looking straight at you...kinda creepy. kinda cool.)

She was trying to suck her little thumb! :) 
(if she's anything like her Mama, she'll be sucking that thing till she's 7. Let's hope not!)

P.S. I love her little leg bent up in that last picture!
P.S.S. She is moving around like CRAZY right now, as I type. Like, my stomach is moving all around from the outside! I love that I can picture her moving around in there. My two little gymnast girls! :)


  1. Yea, yea, yea! I know I don't have to say it- but sisters are the BEST. :) Congratulations to all three of you! Lindsay

  2. what excited and wonderful news!!! sure do love you all!

  3. so fun Mindy! I'm so happy for you!

  4. Congrats!!! So excited for your sweet, little family! Going to be the two cutest girls in NWA!

  5. makes me cry...again! i love her already so much...every INCH! cutest little knee, feet and face. yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!