Monday, October 24, 2011

Mommy Break!!

John David and I have been really craving a camping trip with all this beautiful Fall weather. I love to camp, but I haven't been since before I had Lyla! So, a few weeks ago, John David arranged for his parents to keep Lyla this past weekend so that we could enjoy a little camping trip. Well, it turned into a nice, long relaxing break for this Mommy! I met Jana halfway between here and Texarkana last Thursday morning and dropped her off, and I just picked her up this morning!!!! That's 4 full days of just me, my hubby, and this growing baby in my belly! Not that I don't LOVE Lyla with every ounce of my being, but it was a much needed and a MUCH enjoyed break from the normal everyday routine I've gotten used to. 

Thursday, I came straight home and cleaned my little heart out. It's amazing how much I can get done when I don't have a 2 year old to chase around and entertain! Then, I ran errands, went and held Brooklyn Henry for a little while (pics to come on that later! Katie had her baby! YAY!!!), then went to my Pi Phi Bible Study at Kristen's house. It worked out perfectly because John David had to work late with Richard and all the guys. So, when they got done around 11 pm, they picked up a bunch of Tacos from Taco Bell and brought them over to Richard and Kristen's, and we just sat around laughing and talking with my Bible Study girls and the guys JD works with till about 12:30!! Such a fun group, and something we would NEVER get to do (obviously one of us would have had to be home with a sleeping child, but also the fact that we could sleep in the next day helped us justify staying up late!) We felt like we were in College again, eating Taco Bell at midnight. Rebels, I know! 

So, Friday, we did sleep in and then we tested out this new bakery in Johnson for breakfast. YUMMY! Then, John David went to work and I grocery shopped and gathered things for our camping trip! We went with the Eckelhoffs and the Coles and we had an absolute blast!!!

We grilled hotdogs and hamburgers and then of course roasted marshmallows for s'mores. And, again, stayed up till 12:30 am talking and laughing.

The master chef frying up some eggs, sausage, bacon, and veggies for our breakfast burritos!
Kristen warming up her tortilla for her breakfast burrito. :)
The Blagg and Cole homes for the night...right by the river. Perfect.
The next morning...all bundled up!!!

After we took down camp, we drove a whopping 5 minutes to the Ranch to clean up, cheer on the Hogs, and then celebrate Phil and Kaleigh's engagement!!! I'm SO mad I didn't take a single picture that night because it was one of the best nights ever. Phil works for John David and Kaleigh is in my Bible Study and babysits Lyla on Wednesday nights. They have both become SO dear to us!! Phil took Kaleigh out there Saturday evening "to throw the frisbee and have a picnic and ride around on the ranger" (or so she thought!!) and he ended up taking her to this spot in the woods where he'd set up the most precious engagement sight ever!! They've dated since like 10th grade, and he had every note she'd ever written him and tons of ticket stubs, concert stubs, boutineers from high school dances, etc. hanging all over the place, with tiki torches and lights, and pictures of them in frames. SO PRECIOUS!!! After he popped the question, they rode back to the Ranch where all their families and friends were there to surprise Kaleigh and celebrate. They even rode up to John David and the guys shooting off fireworks! It was seriously awesome. And of course, I couldn't stop crying. 

Sunday, we slept in till like 11 (awesome!!) and then John David and I went to Rogers to shop, eat an early PF Changs dinner, and see the movie Moneyball. A perfect "date day" to end a perfect weekend!!! 

MEANWHILE, Lyla was at Disneyworld. Er, I mean Texarkana. Jana and Russell bought her a few minor toys to keep her entertained while she was there...

They seriously had this installed the day she got there! She was in Heaven!!
oh, and a pink jeep too! Why not?
Tea time with Pop

Jana is obviously better at fixing Lyla's hair than me! How cute is this little ballerina bun?? Be still my heart!!
And, last but not least...

She obviously had a GREAT time, and cried so hard to leave Jan Jan this morning!! Even when I pulled into our garage she was saying "more Jan Jan!" She clearly didn't miss us too terribly.  I think it was a needed break for both of us! ha! It IS great to have her back though!! I think she's talking even more than when she left! And of course, she's as cute as ever! I've been soaking up my afternoon with her and am loving staring at her sweet face and hearing her precious voice. Distance really does make the heart grow fonder! Thanks Jan Jan and Pop, for such a great break and for taking such great care of our girl! I didn't have to worry about her for a single second!! :)


  1. I just found your blog, and love it! Congrats on #2. I have my own blonde little Lila who is 8 months old. Your Lyla is precious. Love the ballerina and naked jockey pics! Hilarious and adorable!!

  2. Us mom's sure do need adult time every now & then don't we? I tell people all the time that a break is what keeps me being a good momma. It's so nice to just kick back and relax on occassion! I'm glad you all had such a wonderful 4 days. I love camping so I thought your camping trip looked like a blast! We always make breakfast buritos when we camp too. Looks like Lyla was in good hands & kinda spoiled rotten :)