Thursday, October 13, 2011

A PERFECT Fayetteville Day!

This past weekend, Whitney and Stephen decided last minute to come to Fayetteville (kid free), and my good friend Katie Garton and her boyfriend were staying with us as well. We had a full and HAPPY house!!  Everyone got in pretty late Friday night and left after breakfast Sunday morning, so our time together was basically limited to Saturday...and, boy did we pack it in! Here's my guide to having a perfect day in Fayetteville...

 1. Thank Jesus for the most gorgeous weather you could imagine. (and that your sister/best friend in the world is in town!!!!!)
2. Start the morning off with some donuts, sausage rolls, and coffee at Rick's Bakery.

3. Head to the Farmer's Market (and relish the few seconds your daughter will actually hold your hand to walk around!)

 (just try to look at these 2 and not smile! This is why I love Fayetteville. Look at how much fun they are having playing their music and tapping their little feet. Sights like this are so joyful, they kinda brings tears to my eyes.)

4. Watch Lyla do tricks and be really cute in her cheerleading uniform.

5. Listen to really great live music.

6. Stop listening to pose for a family pic.

7. Walk to Loafin' Joes for ranch chips and delicious sandwiches with a group of fun friends!

8. Go home to take a quick nap and rejuvenate. 

9. Head out for some Razorback Tailgating!

10. Watch the Razorbacks beat Auburn in an awesome game!! 
sidenote: Lyla lasted ALL four quarters, so happily cheering and dancing the whole time! I think the popcorn and pink cotton candy helped her stay awake till 10. :)

 another sidenote: Whitney and Stephen's tickets were on the front row...
which meant they were ALL over ESPN the entire game!
Famous Sister and BIL!!!!

And, there you go, your 10 steps to a perfect Fayetteville Day!

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  1. Lyla is just so precious! Fun sidenote - the long haired lady playing banjo on the square was my high school Spanish teacher!