Monday, October 3, 2011

A Razorback Comeback and a Day at the Zoo

Those 2 things made for a GREAT weekend!! 

On Saturday, Patrick and Margot had a bunch of friends over to watch the Arkansas/A&M game and boil shrimp...

 Lyla called the hogs and cheered them on to a last minute Victory!

 (missing Sarah Boyce and Bethany)
Forgot to take a 17 week belly pic (and 16 week for that matter!)
So, here I am at 17 weeks and 1 day.
(sidenote: this was taken BEFORE I ate an entire bag of chips with Rotel, a couple brownies, and boiled shrimp with corn and potatoes and sausage! It was MUCH bigger by the end of the game!) :)

Then, on Sunday, we headed to the Tulsa zoo with Kyle and Haley, for Stella's birthday! Lyla had been SO pumped about this all week and we'd been talking about all the animals she was going to see. It did not disappoint. She had a BLAST!

 Haley put together these adorable goodie bags for the girls...with snacks, activities, bracelets, and the super cute shirts they wore at the zoo! :)

 Lyla called this "a big teddy bear!"

Ready for our train ride through the zoo!
 We may have been even more pumped than the girls.
 Lyla kept singing "All aboard the choo choo train!" from the Disney Channel

 They had so much fun on this playground...we had to pry them away.
A little ice cream treat after our yummy lunch!
 (sidenote: Lyla threw a fit anytime I tried to clip her bangs back. So, excuse the bangs hanging in her eyes. Annoying!)

Here she's saying "Hello Lion!" and when it was time to move on, she'd say "bye bye Lion!"
She did this with every animal. ha!
 This friendly little penguin wanted to say hello!

putting their hands in the animal paw prints

 We caught the Elephant Show just as we were about to leave. SO glad we did! It was awesome! Those animals are huge and so sweet!!

A tired twosome at the end of a fun, long day.
(are they twins or what??)

Thanks so much Kyle and Haley!! It was an absolute blast! 


  1. Those are the cutest shirts ever!!!

  2. oh my goodness! Those shirts are PRECIOUS! Such cute girls!