Friday, October 14, 2011

Tiny Dancer

Well, we've already entered the stage where Lyla has a strong opinion about her outfits! Had no idea it would start this early! If it were up to me, I'd just put her in comfy play know, like a long sleeve shirt and matching leggings with some Chucks. Perfect for these cool Fall days. But, oh no, Lyla will not have it.  She wants to wear a "princess dress" every day. And throws a fit if I try and put anything but a dress on her. She literally takes it right off. And the only way I can get her to wear clothes is if she picks it out. Last night, some friends had us over for dinner and she insisted on wearing one of her smocked dresses. She may have been a little overdressed for the occasion, but she sure felt pretty! The other day, she insisted on wearing her ballerina outfit all day. And ballet shoes. The whole get-up. She twirled and danced around all day long...

Can you tell she was feeling really cute?? :)
Love my little tiny dancer.

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  1. the pictures 2nd and 3rd from the bottom are SOOOOOOOOOO YOU!!! hahaha! Looks JUST LIKE YOU!! So stinkin cute! I MISS YOU ALREADY! Wish this friday was just like last friday and we were on our way up to see you RIGHT NOW!! Love you so much!!!