Monday, November 28, 2011

10 full days of family fun!!

I just returned from spending 10 days in Dallas with my family...and it was pure perfection. GREAT time with family, Lyla did some serious bonding with her cousins, and I got to see lots of high school friends that I never get to see when I'm there for just a short weekend. John David and I had a wedding in Dallas the weekend before Thanksgiving, so the 3 of us drove up there for the weekend. Sweet John David drove back to Fayetteville Sunday so that he could work for 3 days, and then drove back Wednesday night to join us once again for Thanksgiving. Lyla and I got to just stay all week and get spoiled rotten. It was SUCH a nice, and needed, break from reality! (prepare your eyes for LOTS of pics!)

Saturday morning, we went to the local Farmer's Market right by the Eoff's house.
These 3 cuties walked around just like this...
 Melt. My. Heart.
 so content on her Daddy's shoulders :)

All of John David's family was in town for the wedding because it was our brother-in-law Cody's cousin getting married. So, after the Farmer's Market we met Jan Jan and Pop at In-N-Out for lunch. It was my first In-N-Out experience, and we had so much fun!

Back to Cookie's house for naptime, and then a little cousin time before we headed out for the wedding:

 Can you tell from this pic that these 3 are going to be trouble?? 3 adorable messes! :)

 24 week belly pre-wedding
 Hilarious sidenote...when I packed this outfit, it was 26 degrees in Fayetteville. When we headed out the door for the wedding, I realized it was 80 degrees in Dallas. Which meant not only was I big ole pregnant and awkward trying to wear heels, but I was SO HOT and looked and felt like the biggest idiot next to all the cute little college cheerleaders that were rocking their tiny little dresses at the wedding. We had LOTS of good laughs about it later. :) 

 striking a pose before church (by the way, WE LOVE WATERMARK!!! So thankful we got to enjoy 2 great services while I was there.)
 lunch at Cookie and Papo's after church
PRECIOUS little Max...he's seriously the most perfect child. So content and laid back! Wish I could have soaked up even more time with this cutie!! He kind of gets lost in the chaos. :)

Sunday night, we had a little high school reunion potluck dinner. It was supposed to be at my friend Kelly's house, but she went into labor the day of the party! So, thankfully Laney volunteered her house at the last minute. So thankful it worked out! Such a treat to see all these girls!! 
 Lyla at the kids table...these 3 played so sweetly together all night! Lyla left saying, "party SO fun!!" the whole car ride home. :)
 I cheered with these cute girls all through high school, and now we are all 3 due in March with girls!! SO fun!
 Lauren and Chelsee holding their new baby boys! Loves!
 Do I have some gorgeous friends or what??
 The kiddos that were there
 The whole you girls!! (please notice Meredith Martin holding a baby doll as her child. Didn't even know she did this till I looked at the picture afterward. So funny.)

The rest of the week just consisted of silliness, family time, a 3 hour coffee date with Lauren Everett, a little shopping, a coffee date with Cheyenne, LOTS of yummy meals with family, and of course an amazing Thanksgiving feast.

 3 little sleepyheads watching the Thanksgiving Day parade. Lyla LOVED it!!! She got so excited about it and sang and danced along to most of the performances.
 stopping to take breaks to help Cookie cook, of course
 This was her face when she saw the Fresh Beat Band (AND Dora) perform in the parade. Sheer JOY and excitement. We watched it about 5 times. 
 Our neighbor, Hana, who I grew up babysitting, came over with all her dress up clothes to play with Lyla. A huge hit, for sure.

 This face kills me.
so serious
 Just another delicious lunch spread Cookie whipped out.  She continued to amaze me all week with 3 amazing meals, day after day. That woman is a servant!!!

 Our Thanksgiving Feast. YUMMY!!!!

 More dress up!

 On Saturday, we met up with the Wood Pile (minus the Cobbs and Gardners) at an attempt to get some family pictures and have a picnic. The COLD made it a little difficult, but it was still great to see everyone for a split second. 

Our attempt to get Grandmama and Grandaddy with all their great grandchildren (minus Violet)
 sweet snuggles with this cold girl!

 Our big clan
 Our little clan 

Some more glimpses into the utter (but HAPPY) chaos when these cousins get together...
(keep in mind that there's no volume on these pics!) :)

Right before we left, we exchanged Christmas presents to and from us since we won't be there for Christmas. Stephen's Razorback shirt was a little snug...sorry Stephen. :)

So, now I'm back to reality...I'm going to have to learn to cook and do dishes and laundry all over again. Thanks Fam, for an awesome time!!!!! I'm truly THANKFUL!!!!

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  1. The disappointment from Friday's game was palpable in all these pictures! Your whole blog post had quite the undercurrent of heartbreak. And I love it.