Monday, November 7, 2011

Lyla, the Supermodel! :)

We just got home from doing a fun little photo shoot with the incredibly talented and awesome Blaire Perry. My friend Jenessa, with JBailey Occasions, designed the set for it and asked Lyla to come be in a few pics to help Blaire advertise for the "real" photo shoot in early December. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity! Blaire was so great with Lyla and made it so much fun! I have much respect for all children photographers because it is HARD to get a 2 year old (or any child for that matter, I'm sure) to do exactly what you are wanting them to do! But, aside from a few meltdowns and not entirely wanting to cooperate with everything we asked Lyla to do, overall she did really well and I think Blaire got some GREAT pics out of it! And, we had so much fun!! 

The theme was kinda "shabby chic/ neutral/ wintery" so this is the outfit I chose. As I was getting Lyla dressed, I explained that we were going to a fun place where she was going to get her picture taken and get to strike poses and pretend to be a model. :) So, about 30 minutes after this conversation, she was playing so cutely in her kitchen so I ran to grab my camera. As soon as she saw the camera, she stopped her cooking to strike a pose. Ha! Clearly, she was ready for the photo shoot! Although, of course she didn't cooperate quite that well for the real thing! 

Obviously Blaire's pictures will be much better than these...I just snapped a few of my own to capture the memory of the whole thing. I thought Lyla looked so cute and the set was gorgeous!
They gave Lyla handfuls of snow to blow out of her hand and she thought it was so much fun!

Can't wait to see the real pics from Blaire! I got to peak at a few, and I think she captured some really great ones! Thanks Jenessa and Blaire for letting us be a part of it! :)


  1. Oh so cute! That outfit was perfect! I had a blast playing with her yesterday!

  2. Lyla is JUST PRECIOUS!! I can't wait to see what her baby sister looks like - you know those two are going t be heartbreakers! Love you Mindy!