Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pregnancy Update: 22 weeks

I had John David snap this pic before church this morning because I realized I hadn't done a "belly pic" in a while, and I do want to be better about documenting it. Today I'm 22 weeks and 2 days, and the baby is about a foot long and weighs about a pound! That seems so big!! :)  Let me just say that I feel a LOT bigger than this picture shows! Like, already feeling so cramped and tight and like it's hard to breath and already hard to put my shoes on. Is this normal at 22 weeks?? I start to freak out often that I already feel so uncomfortable and I still have a long way to go and am only going to get MUCH bigger!! I already had my first Braxton Hicks last night!! (again, is this normal??) This little girls moves around all. the. time. and I think that's what led to the contraction feeling...just all the strong movements. And, I'm talking BIG, she is doing some serious gymnast tricks in there! Between her and her sister, we are going to have some active little girls on our hands! :)

I do want to also document (mostly as a reminder for myself!!) that the way I feel from day to day pretty much depends 100% on how well I've eaten that day. John David started a new Paleo challenge, so I've been grocery shopping with a Paleo mindset, and planning Paleo meals. And it's AMAZING how much better I feel overall when I fill my body with healthy, God-made foods!! (It's just so hard because the carbs and sugars are so darn tempting during pregnancy!!! And I'm still starving all the time!) But, I enjoy having this "Paleo mindset" because it makes me so conscious of what I'm putting into my body, and it helps me make better decisions throughout the day. Once again, Paleo works people, and I'm a believer in how much better it makes you feel! (But don't judge me when you see me at Barnes and Noble sharing a cookie with Lyla because sometimes the cravings are much stronger than my will-power) :)

Anyway, aside from all the physical symptoms I've shared, we are overall just giddy about the thought of another little girl!! We can't WAIT to see Lyla assume her role as Big Sister, and we can't wait to kiss and love on another little baby girl! We thank God daily for the blessing of this pregnancy, and the life He's so wonderfully and perfectly knitting together in there!!

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