Friday, November 11, 2011

Quite the social week!

This week has been a whirlwind of events. Didn't even know it was going to be such a busy one going into it! It was fun, but boy am I worn out! First of all, I'm officially a MALL WALKER!! My neighbor, Erica, and I have been meeting at the Botanical Gardens every Tuesday and Thursday for the past several months. We walk for an hour through the hilly trail, and it makes me feel SO good. However, it's been SO cold here in the mornings, so we decided to meet at the Mall this week instead. Such a fan. It's us, a few other moms with strollers, and elderly couples just getting our exercise on (while we do a little window shopping!) haha. And Lyla is a big fan of the indoor playground as a little cool-down treat when we're done. :) 

We've also had 2 different lunch dates with friends and kiddos at good ole Chickfila, so Lyla has played her heart out on those playgrounds as well.

We've had a trip to the library for story-time, computer games, and working puzzles. (a weekly, or every other week, fave for me and Lyla...she LOVES having new library books to read when we are home!) 

I watched my walking buddies daughter, Liv, for a couple hours. It's hilarious to see the difference between her and Lyla's personalities! I mean, I knew Lyla was active, but I didn't know she was quite as spastic until I compared her to laid-back little Liv! :) 
Liv was quite the fan of John David...just wanted to snuggle next to him the whole time. Lyla kept saying "come on, Liv, let's go dance!" :)

Speaking of John David, he traveled to Little Rock for work this week for 2 full days. While he was gone, he missed out on our super fun community group Thanksgiving! Each couple took a dish, and MAN did it all turn into a delicious meal!! A great glimpse of the yumminess to come in a couple weeks!! AND fun times with friends (although John David really was greatly missed!!) Here's my sweet girl before we left. She looks so snuggly.

 Some of the kiddos piled up to watch "Despicable Me"
 Of course, Lyla didn't last long on the couch...but these cute boys were into it!!
 LOVE sweet Shepherd sitting up like a big boy, and watching the movie with all the big kids! :)
 Speaking of big kids (who don't realize they are big!)...I walked into the kitchen to find Lyla like this. She had climbed into Shepherd's bouncer all by herself and was having a grand ole time. Things could get interesting when I start pulling out the baby things again around our house! 

This morning, I watched Sawyer while Katie had a Dr. appt. for Brooklyn, so we had Haley and her kiddos over to join the fun. I got all pinterest inspired (actually Mandy inspired!), and decided to try a little Thanksgiving craft with the trio. I think I was a little ambitious seeing as how Haley and I ended up doing the entire craft for them, but their little toilet paper turkeys turned out so cute. :) And, Lyla was SO excited about craft time! I laid out all the supplies before our friends came over, and as soon as she saw it she said "Oh. My. dosh." (very dramatically!!) and did not stop talking about craft time with Stella and Sawyer until they got there! haha! 

 After craft time, they really wanted to play hide and seek. So, Haley and I counted to 10 while they "hid". This is where we found ALL 3 when we opened our eyes:

When Lyla woke up from her nap, the first thing she said was "Turkey!! Craft! I'll show you." She got SO excited and proud when I handed her the turkey she "made":

pointing to the nose.
And, yes, in case you haven't noticed my child still will NOT wear clothes when we are home. (I had to force her into it when we had friends come over.)  :)

So, there's a little glimpse into our week at the Blagg house! Hope everyone has a great weekend!! TGIF! :)

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