Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

This may have been my favorite Halloween in all my 30 years. I mean, Halloween was obviously a blast when I was a kid, but it might be even more fun being on the parent side. This was the first year that Lyla actually understood the concept of dressing up and going door to door to say "trick or treat" and get candy...and man, is her "trick or treat" killer. Sweetest voice and face you've even heard and seen. No wonder that girl racked up on all the candy I can't quit eating today. 

We started out the day baking treats for our neighborhood get together. She was such a big helper unwrapping all the tootsie rolls:
 By the time we were ready to stir the marshmallows for the rice krispie treats, we'd already had a wardrobe change from Ballerina to Snow White. Fitting for Halloween...you really can't wear too many costumes.
 The finished product:
 (thank you Pinterest!)
And white chocolate covered nutter butter "ghosts" :)
 Our spread o' sugar...ready for the night's festivities!
 This sassy girl woke up from her nap ready for some trick or treating! We had our third wardrobe change into her Razorback cheerleading costume (which went smoothly since I bribed her with a ghost cookie.)  :) And, then we headed over to Michael and April Bader's house for some soup and chili. All the neighbors gathered over there before we loaded up on the hayride for some trick or treating!
 DL and Roe as Davy Crocket 
 Brody and Benton went as Nacho Libre...hilarious!
 And Stella and Lyla formed their own cheerleading squad.
 Someone was excited to get started!!

OK! Let's Go!!

 First child up to the first door of the night...walked on up like she owned the place. She was not scared.

 Both of our babies trick or treated snuggled up next to their mommies...only Haley's was in the Moby wrap, and mine was in my belly. :) Next Halloween might not be as calm as this one! :)
 "please, Mommy, can I get started on this candy already??" 

 Showing Sarah Boyce and Estee her stash of candy so far
 Taking a small break from trick or treating to do a little cheering, of course!

 This sight never got old...these 2 cutie patootie cheerleaders walking up so confidently to each door. They were loving it.
 Margot and John Chester as the Beatles!! :)
 Riding up front on the Ranger with Daddy
 We finally met up with Sawyer! Woo Hoo!!! Lyla and Stella needed their football player to complete the trio! 

 Stella checking out Sawyer's Razorback stickers on his cheeks and Lyla calling the hogs. Perfect.

We let the Daddies take the toddler kids to continue trick or treating, while those with babies joined me at our house to help me pass out candy.
 John Chester...little love bug.
And sweet Brooklyn, 2 weeks old, enjoying the heck out of her first Halloween. :)

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