Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Thoughts on Pregnancy at 30 weeks...

This mama is getting BIG and feeling every bit of it! Here I am with my little Mall Walking buddy this morning...she wanted to pose with me in our sweat suits. :) So, in no particular order, here are my random thoughts about pregnancy thus far: 
  • ALL I crave are sweets and carbs. (and coffee...would drink it ALL day long if I could) So, my latest "indulgence" to give into my cravings without driving through chickfila every hour for a peppermint milkshake (which is what I really want to do) is to eat a bowl of grapenuts with tons of berries on it. This has become my breakfast every morning, and often an afternoon or evening snack. SO yummy!!!
  • My back aches all the time. My tummy feels so insanely heavy, and most nights I go to bed with a heating pad.
  • Still lots of fatigue and zero energy. I'm afraid I zoomed through the nesting phase without actually setting up a nursery. Oops. I have moved all of Lyla's furniture in the nursery room, and I'm using Julia's old bedding of Annie's for the crib. So, we'll count that as being done. :) Although, I would like to clean out that closet at some point. And maybe hang some things on the walls. 
  • Sometimes I feel like I'm Bella and I'm growing a vampire in my belly. Her movements are SO strong and intense that they actually make me grimace in pain. I think this little girl is going to be freakishly strong, and super long since I feel her in both ribs at the same time...all the time. 
  • I'm unbelievably pumped about having another girl!!! As much as I thought I wanted a boy, I can't imagine it being any other way. God really does know what He's doing. :) I'm SO excited for Lyla to have a sister, and SO happy she'll have a little playmate with all her fun girly things she's into. I'm dreaming of such a fun, girly playroom someday where they'll create tons of matching outfits, of course. ;)
  • I think we've officially decided on a name!!!!! And I LOVE IT!!!! Although, I think that deserves it's own blog post. :)
  • I already can't bend over...putting on shoes, bathing Lyla, picking things up, etc. Makes me feel like I'm gonna puke.
  • I can't decide if 9 more weeks sounds insanely SOON, or entirely too long considering I'm so uncomfortable and only getting bigger by the day. I'm really trying not to wish this time away...I'm trying so hard to soak up time with Lyla as my only child right now, and sleeping through the night (well, you know, besides hourly pee breaks)...but I AM ready to not be pregnant anymore and for her to be in my arms and not in my belly. 
  • P.S. I really, really hope this entire post doesn't sound like a bunch of complaints. I just wanted to document truthfully how I'm feeling. Overall, I'm incredibly thankful for a healthy pregnancy and an active little girl in there. Can't wait to meet her!!!!!

Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year, Christmas was spread out among 4 different cities in Arkansas, and boy was it all a blast. I'm feeling beyond thankful and blessed....not only for all the awesome new toys Lyla has to play with, but most importantly for the fact that Jesus came to this earth to save us from our sins! I'm so thankful!! 

We began our celebrating on Friday morning in Fayetteville. Santa heard that we'd be traveling to Southeast Arkansas, so he came to our house early! For the past month, every time we asked Lyla what she wanted Santa to bring her, she'd say "chicken nuggets" and then eventually added on "chocolate milk". So, Friday morning Santa must have run through Chickfila on his way to our house because look at what he left for Lyla...

 of course, it was the first thing she went for (who needs presents when you have chickfila nuggets and chocolate milk?!?) 
 So we instantly sat down to enjoy it, and thank Jesus for it. :)
 Then, we proceeded to open presents. We opened the ones from each other, and the ones Papo and Cookie sent in the mail. 
 Playing with her new leapfrog laptop.
 John David got me some much needed snow boots! I've never had anything to wear in the snow, and these are not only practical but cute! Lyla wanted to pose as we both wore our new snow boots. :) We are ready for the snow now! (plus, she got a sled from Jan Jan and Pop so we are really ready!)
 Loving on her new baby doll from Cookie and Papo
 These sights make me so excited to see her as a big sister!

After we finished our little family Christmas, we loaded up and headed to Warren to have dinner at John and Laura's with the fam.
 As you can see, these 3 had so much fun together!

 Saturday morning, we woke up and spent a low-key morning in Warren (can you tell these 3 were still waking up?)  :) Then, we headed to Monticello to spend the day feasting and opening gifts at Joe and Julie's...
 Maggie got a new Cadillac!
 Lyla got a new Plasmacar!
 And John Morris got a Smart Trike!
 The delicious Christmas Eve spread!
 The annual pic of all the boys crashed out after yummy food and football on TV...I love that even John Morris is asleep on Cody's chest. :)
 After some good naps, the opening of the presents continued!

 This was Lyla's big gift this American girl doll, "Bitty Baby" with every accessory you can think of! She's going to be well prepared to help take care of her baby sister!

 Jan Jan and Pop opening their gift from iPhoto book from the past year.

 The cute Deal family!
 And, yes, he is ALWAYS smiling! Happiest baby I have ever been around, hands down.
such. a. love.
 the rowdy boys

 This pic pretty much summarizes the day. HA! 

 She was SO excited to open Bitty Baby's crib!
 diaper bag...check!
Ready to head to Dumas! :)

We did drive to Dumas that evening, spent the night with Mama Sue and Big Daddy, and then woke up Christmas morning to spend the day with John David's Dad's side of the family. 
 Lyla woke up to receive a tricycle from Pappy!! Score!
 And we finally got to meet precious baby Blagg!!

 Isaiah was so sweet with Lyla, and showed her all the cool games on his Mama's phone. They were the cutest little buddies all day.

Isaiah even gave Lyla a Princess guitar!! I mean, two of her favorite and princesses. 
Rock on!

 As you can see, we had a FULL and blessed weekend!!! SO thankful for our amazing families! 
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well!
"For unto us a Savior has been born!"