Sunday, December 4, 2011

It's Beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Mission accomplished. We decorated for Christmas this weekend, and my heart is SO happy! As I type, Lyla is napping and John David is at the Ranch chopping down firewood for the cold week we have coming up. I've lit my Christmas candle, turned on all our twinkly lights, made some hot chocolate, and I'm nestled next to the tree listening to Sufjan Steven's Christmas album. (don't be deceived though...since I've sat down to blog, iphoto has quit working on me once, I've gone to tickle Lyla's back and put her back to sleep after waking up too early, and I've gotten up to switch laundry. Life continues even when I'm in the Christmas spirit.)  :)

So, Friday evening, we busted out our Christmas tree we got on clearance after Christmas last year. I was so excited to get it open and see what it looked like. Since we didn't get a pre-lit one, sweet John David put in a lot of work stringing the lights on it. So thankful for him! Here he is putting the last section on top, with our cute tree topper intact...
 All lit and ready to decorate...
 Lyla's first assignment was to put the bird ornaments on.
 Look at that proud little smile.
 And proud for a good reason...check out that great placement! No need to spread the birds out evenly, just clump them all together. Perfect. :)

 The finished product. :)

John David helped me hang the wreaths in the window. And, I pulled out my Christmas favorite part. I was so giddy setting the table. Now we just need to have a dinner party.

Then on Saturday night, we went to the Henry's along with the Nicodemus' for some yummy chicken enchilada soup and cornbread. We went ahead and got cozy for the evening and put Lyla in her new Christmas PJ's...another thing that makes me happy. :)
 After dinner, we decorated Christmas cookies.

 (Sawyer sneaking a bite of cookie dough)  :)
 The cookie decorating was not just for the kids...
 although we did let them help.
 Having so much fun!
 But now for the really fun part...eating them!
 And the sugar high begins immediately. 
(please notice Stella just shoving the whole bottle of sprinkles in her mouth. ha!)

It's been a fun and relaxing weekend, getting in the holiday spirit. Excited for the celebration of our Savior to continue!

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  1. We have the same Christmas dishes! Love them and all of your decorations! Merry Christmas!