Monday, December 26, 2011

Lights on the Square

The weekend before Christmas, we took one last advantage of enjoying the Lights of the Ozarks on the square. This time we went with 4 other families, and although it was super cold, I'm so glad we made a night of it. 
 A little family photo in front of the Razorback
 John David and Josh decided to split a fried twinkie, and although I was so grossed out at the thought of it, I must admit that it was actually delicious. 
 sweet little Shepherd
 This time, Lyla had her friend Sawyer join her on the pony ride!
 Her ponies name was Jack, and ever since then she talks about riding Jack and says, "giddy up Jack!"
The trio...this was the best we could get since it was right before a meltdown we call "get me out of the cold and get some dinner in my belly!"
So we went to a nearby hole-in-the-wall pizza place and stuffed our faces. 
Such a fun night with such dear friends! 

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