Wednesday, December 14, 2011

More fun at Jan Jan and Pop's!

Last weekend, John David went hunting with his Dad in Dumas. As much as I LOVE for him to have that time with his dad and to get to hunt, it selfishly always sounds so hard to have a full weekend by myself taking care of Lyla with no breaks (especially 7 months pregnant). So, Jan Jan and Pop came to the rescue once again and offered to take Lyla to Texarkana for the weekend and I actually had an entire 3 days ALL TO MYSELF. That hasn't happened in at least 3 years. 

And, I must say it was pretty awesome. I got a ton of errands run, including some more Christmas shopping, had a super fun lunch with my friend Michelle, saw the movie "New Year's Eve" with some girlfriends (so cute), had a really fun dinner at Hugo's with my Bible Study girls followed by an engagement celebration for Rebecca Cooper (another Bible study girl...I swear, every time Lyla goes to Texarkana for the weekend, one of my Bible study girls gets engaged!) I slept in, cleaned the house, went to church all by myself, and tried to relax some although I was in major "be productive" mode. 

And before you start thinking I just rudely abandoned my daughter, don't you worry...sending her to Jan Jan and Pop's is like sending her to Disney World! Thursday night, while tucking her in bed, we told her she was going to Jan Jan and Pop's house the next morning and she threw the covers off, stood up on her bed and started jumping up and down with joy! Friday morning, she woke up and ran to my bathroom where I was brushing my teeth and said, "bye mommy! I going to Jan Jan's house. Be back later!" Didn't  shed a single tear.  So, while in T-town...

her cool Aunt Ali dressed up like a REAL Ballerina and taught her some dance moves:
(oh, and P.S. ever since she's been home, she's been begging me to send her to dance class! Seriously asks about it 10 times a day. Someone please tell me if it's too early because I'm thinking it is!)

She went to see Santa with her cousin, John Morris:
(not so much a fan! too bad we already made plans to go see him again tonight. We'll see how that goes! Every time I mention Santa she shakes her little arms very dramatically and says "I'm scared Santa!")

got some early Christmas presents from Jan Jan and dress up clothes! YAY!
(please notice the earrings and shoes):

They also found this book about a little girl who wants to wear her Tutu everywhere. How appropriate:

Although, maybe they shouldn't have read it to her right before bedtime:

As soon as John David drove back home with her on Sunday, I ran out to greet them. And Lyla instantly started crying when she saw me, saying "I want more Jan Jan and Pop!!"  Clearly she missed me terribly. So, I showed her my c-section scar. :)

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  1. I regular feel like I need to show Harper the scar... and remind her what a diva she was that first year of birth. It's really a miracle we're all still alive!