Monday, December 12, 2011

Practice with 2

Last week I kept my friend Aubrey's 8 month old, Shepherd, for 2 whole days and we had SO much fun!! Truly, I was kinda expecting utter chaos, but Shepherd is the EASIEST, most laid-back baby and Lyla and I just soaked up our time with him!! I loved getting a glimpse of life with 2, and although I was physically tired by the end of the day (I'm blaming most of that on pregnancy!), I LOVED that Lyla had a little buddy to entertain her and vice versa. She sang for him, danced for him, read to him, played drums and piano for him, etc. I think she loved having a new audience!! :) And it made the days go by so much faster. I didn't feel like I had to find things to entertain Lyla and fill our days with. We just played with Sheppy. :)

 (of course Lyla had to have a few turns  as well in her old Johnny Jump Up! But, thankfully, she did share with Shepherd.)

 Haley stopped by one morning with Stella and Porter to join the party. Lyla was practicing having "gentle hands" :)
 Oh, hey there buddy.

 "Shepherd, look over here and I'll show you how to call the hogs!"

 Just giggling away :) 
Thanks for coming to play Sheppy!! We had so much fun with you! Come again soon! :)

(P.S. Although Lyla did call him Shepherd sometimes, every now and then she'd throw in a "John Morris" or "John  Chester" or even "Emerson". I'm so thankful that Lyla has so many babies in her life that she loves! I'm hoping that will help prepare her for her baby sister!) 

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