Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sweetest gift ever...

I had to document the most precious, thoughtful gift I've ever received by my sweet SIL, Julia. She gave this to me when we were home for Thanksgiving, but I'm just now stealing the picture off her blog. :) She made me a necklace that's an envelope that opens up. Inside, she made a tiny piece of paper with 3 gold hearts on it, and on the back of the paper, it says "for the 3 angels you've carried".  Which is why my face looks like this after opening it...
Terrible pic of me, I know. But it was such a sweet moment. I really can't even think about it without crying. And I can't wait to meet that little baby when we get to Heaven! (for the record, I think it was a boy)  :) So, THANKS again Hoopy for that most thoughtful gift!!!!!!! 


  1. how sweet is she! this is making me tear up!

  2. So sweet! That makes me tear up because I've miscarried's so hard and bitter sweet to think about our babies that we don't know but will someday meet!

    Thanks so much for the congrats we are excited! Maybe you can give me some advice on life with two babies since you'll be a little bit ahead of me :)

  3. PRECIOUS!! Such a sweet reminder. I have one of those necklaces with disks on them with the boys' initials. When I miscarried before getting pregnant with Sam, Josh surprised me with a disk with a cross on it for the baby. I still say it was the best and most thoughtful gift ever, and I love having that reminder! Love you!