Thursday, December 1, 2011

What a GREAT start to December!!

This day deserves some serious shout outs and recognition. :) My incredibly talented sister, you know, the creator of we giggle of course, MADE this advent calendar and so graciously gave us one to start the tradition with our family. (Which, by the way, if you live in the Dallas area, my sister is having a WE Giggle sale at her house TODAY and tomorrow with TONS of great Christmas gifts and goodies. Check out the link and see some of the things for yourself. I stocked up when I was home on gifts for friends and family. I even got an ADORABLE dresser to go in Lyla's room that I absolutely love. There's a picture of it on her blog. Go check it out!!)  :)

Here's the Advent Calendar. Love.

I've already had SO much fun with it!! Yesterday, I went to Target and bought just a bunch of little goodies to fill the boxes with. I wrapped them up and stuck them inside, then explained to Lyla what it was for. I told her last night that Jesus has a birthday coming up and that we are going to celebrate big time ALL month long because it's the most important birthday of all time. She seriously got SO excited and has not stopped saying, "YAY! Jesus' Birthday!!" all day today. (the girl LOVES a party!) So, as soon as we woke up this morning, I told her it was time to start celebrating and that we would open the first box since it's December 1st.  This was her first gift...four beaded necklaces. Right away, she said, "the red one is for Mommy (and put it around my neck), the blue one is for Daddy (and put it around his neck), the green one is for Lyla (put it on herself), and the yellow one is for Jesus!" A few minutes later, John David opened the door to leave and when she heard it, she looked at me so excitedly and said "is that Jesus??" ha! Glad she's not forgetting who the Birthday Boy is! :)

After doing our gift for the day, we went for a nice long walk around the Botanical Gardens since it actually felt nice outside and wasn't TOO freezing, then we went to the library for Story Time and some new books to bring home (and we got to decorate an ornament for the library Christmas tree...of course, Lyla loved that craft time. Our public library is the bomb.), then we ran by Acumen (the building John David built a while back) because I heard they were having a big warehouse sale on baby and kid items. Boy, did we SCORE!!!!!! Pretty much everything was 50% off, and there was every baby item you could imagine. I bought Lyla a few Christmas gifts...

And, yes, if you'll look closely, that's a picture of the DOUBLE STROLLER I got!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For someone extremely indecisive, this was such an impulse buy for me!! I got the City Trend Double Jogger. And I'm SO PUMPED! My friend, Katie, has the exact same one and she loves it and said so many people recommended it to her. So, if you have one, please continue to affirm my decision and tell me why you love it! :)

And, here's the best part...I got the DOUBLE stroller, plus all the gifts you see pictured ALL for $238. The stroller alone is originally $440. So, I'm voting us done with Christmas shopping for our kids. And, I officially feel ready for 2 kids now. (or, you know, a little more ready anyway)  :)

The sale at Acumen will continue tomorrow and Saturday from 8 am-2 pm. If you live in Fayetteville and either have kids or need gifts for kids, you seriously need to check it out. Also, if you go to their website, you can see all the online shopping options there are. So, check that out too.

I feel like such an advertiser right now. :) But, I'm so pumped about these companies and these great deals! Like I said, I feel like I'm starting the month off on a good foot. Now I just need to pull out Christmas decorations to REALLY get me in the Holiday Spirit! That's my goal for the weekend. Can't wait! :)

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  1. I have both the city mini single AND the city mini double. Love both SO much! You scored big time!!!