Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Picture Catch-up

When Lyla got her Bitty Baby for Christmas, I asked her what she wanted to name her and she said "Baby Lowen", so this baby doll has been her practice baby sister until the real deal comes. She is (usually) so sweet and nurturing with her (you know, when she's not throwing her across the room), and it makes me really excited to see her take this big sister role so seriously. She loves to bathe her, feed her, put her to bed, strap her in her carseat for errands (and she always has her diaper bag in tow when we are going somewhere), and they even dress alike sometimes! :)

 changing her diaper
 putting her to bed (she goes through the whole routine...reads her a book, turns on her pretend sound machine, prays with her, kisses her, then tiptoes out. So sweet!!)
 Just stopping mid-breakfast to check her heartbeat.

The other day, Sawyer and Ava came over for a playdate. Lyla LOVES her time with her friends...

 Brooklyn wanted to join the photo shoot!

 Another morning time playdate with Sawyer! YAY! (please notice Lyla and Baby Lowen's matching PJ's) 

 Jam Session with Daddy!! Lyla seriously thinks she's a rockstar and takes her guitar playing very seriously. She often talks about the rock band she's going to be in and says that Sawyer is going to play the drums, she's going to play the guitar (or "Tee-Car" as she calls it), and Lowen is going to be the lead singer with a microphone (she always adds the microphone part). When I ask her who's going to play the keyboard, she says "Katie" as in Sawyer's mom. I can't WAIT for a front row seat to that concert!!!!

And when she's not in Rockstar mode, she's into...
 dressing up
 playing beauty parlor (seriously, MULTIPLE times a day! She even sucks Daddy into it when he gets home from work. And, yes, the blanket is her cape.)
 A sure sign of things to come...wanting to climb into Daddy's lap as soon as he has a baby to feed. :)
 And, yes, more rockstar.
And more dress up.

As this girl becomes more and more TWO years old (aka lots of fits and drama), it's a good thing she's CUTE and keeps us laughing. And is still so stinkin' know, when she's not throwing a fit. :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our time in T-town

John David had a guy's duck hunting trip in Ashdown this past weekend, so Lyla and I rode with him to spend the weekend in Texarkana with his family. Of course, Lyla had an absolute blast...
 she's obsessed with her pink jeep at Jan Jan and Pop's house!!

 And the awesome playset in their backyard!
 I told Lyla to look at me for the pic, and this is the face I got. ha!
 I mean, way to go Jan Jan and Pop! They do not disappoint when it comes to playtime! :)

 John David got Lyla this little basketball, and she stuck it under her shirt to look like mommy :)

 Lyla and her cousin, John Morris

And we finally got to meet baby Wyatt, Brandon and Suzanne's little boy. Lyla's got some cute younger boys to protect her! :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

Name Reveal...

Most of you already know the name of Lyla's baby sister, but in honor of her name sake's birthday today, I figured I'd make it blog official. :) 

Coming in about 5 and a half weeks, I introduce to you...

Lowen Lee Blagg
 {I got this old antique door as a wedding gift about 6 years ago, and this past weekend, I had my talented sister-in-love Ali transform it into a piece of art to hang above the crib. Could not LOVE it more!!!!! And I'm loving the symmetry of her monogram.}
 {also, these burp cloths arrived in the mail today, making it feel very official!!!}

LOWEN is after my very best friend growing up. As you can see, we've known each other since we were teeny tiny...

We have more memories together than I could even begin to count. We were bridesmaids in each other's weddings, and although we've lived long distance for a long time, she will always be one of those friends who we pick up with each other right where we left off. If you check out her blog, you'll see that she's incredibly cool, talented, and creative and I just absolutely adore her to death!!! I'm so excited to have a daughter named after such a special, life-long friend!! (and it helps that she has one of the coolest names EVER and that I love the way it sounds with Lyla)  :)

LEE is after John David's sister, Alison Lee (you know...the same SIL who painted the monogram) :) This is really special to me as well because Lyla's middle name is MY sister's middle name (Whitney Kathryn), so I thought it would be neat for both of our girls to share middle names with their Aunts...obviously 2 VERY special girls to us as well!! :) Also, Lee is a family name with 2 other great grandparents on John David's side.

So, there you have it. Can't wait to meet you Baby Lowen!!! (that's what Lyla calls her...except it's "Baby Yowen") Oh, and a very happy birthday to the original Lowen!! :) Thanks for sharing your awesome name with our daughter!! We love you so much!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Bauer Turns Two!!

We went Dallas last weekend to celebrate Bauer turning 2! A wonderful time with family, as always!
Friday night, we picked up Chili's and ate a feast at the Eoff's while we watched the Cotton Bowl. When the kiddos weren't cheering on the Hogs, they were watching Fresh Beat Band on the IPad...

or getting mani/pedis from Olivia...
or pretending to be part of the team...

On Saturday, we headed over to the Eoff's once again for Bauer's Safari themed birthday party! It was SO much fun! The weather was gorgeous, so all the kids had a blast jumping on the trampoline and playing outside. Buster the Clown even made an appearance to make balloons and entertain the kids. Lyla wasn't too sure about Buster the Clown. She kept a very safe distance, for sure. 
Although, she DID have fun giggling with the birthday boy...

and enjoying the delicious treats...

Everything was absolutely adorable! Whitney did an incredible job!!

Love the monkey's hanging from the trees: 

Lyla strutted around in these high heels half the party, feeling oh so sassy...
More silly pics of our girl having SO much fun:

We LOVE you so so much Bauer!!! So thankful we got to be there to celebrate your precious life!!!