Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Our time in T-town

John David had a guy's duck hunting trip in Ashdown this past weekend, so Lyla and I rode with him to spend the weekend in Texarkana with his family. Of course, Lyla had an absolute blast...
 she's obsessed with her pink jeep at Jan Jan and Pop's house!!

 And the awesome playset in their backyard!
 I told Lyla to look at me for the pic, and this is the face I got. ha!
 I mean, way to go Jan Jan and Pop! They do not disappoint when it comes to playtime! :)

 John David got Lyla this little basketball, and she stuck it under her shirt to look like mommy :)

 Lyla and her cousin, John Morris

And we finally got to meet baby Wyatt, Brandon and Suzanne's little boy. Lyla's got some cute younger boys to protect her! :)

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