Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Ringin' in the New Year

What a wonderful New Year's weekend we had!! We spent Thursday through Sunday at Big Cedar Lodge in Branson with John David's family. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and it was the perfect mix of relaxing in the cabin by the fire and enjoying some fun activities outside...and of course, eating lots of delicious meals. :) 

Thursday night, we celebrated Cody's birthday with a fun dinner out and then back to the cabin for Jana's famous chocolate cake... 

We finally got to meet John David's stepsister's beautiful baby girl...
Sweet Katy. She is just 2 months old, and seriously, how gorgeous is she??

On Friday, we spent the day at Silver Dollar City. I had never been before, and we will most definitely be going back! It was especially gorgeous around Christmas time with all the lights. Of course, Lyla hasn't stopped talking about it.

Sweet John Morris hung out in his Daddy's jacket the entire day...even took a good nap in there!

What's the point of an amusement park if you don't eat some funnel cake?

Told you...napping away, as content as can be.
This was Lyla's reaction after waiting in line for 30 minutes to ride the teacup ride...only to be rejected for being too short. So close, but not close enough. Next year, Lyla, next year.
Meanwhile, these 2 didn't even know what they were missing!

And thankfully we soon discovered the toddler park with perfect Lyla-sized rides...

JD being reprimanded by an elf to buckle up. I think John David's response was, "I don't think there's any way I'm falling out of this thing."

"one more time, Daddy, please!!"
Mommy's turn to ride the froggy ride with Lyla!
I really think I had more fun than Lyla...I was giggling and squealing the whole time and Lyla was cool as a cucumber.
Back to the cabin after a fun day...can't get enough of this sweet face!
John David took full advantage of the robes left for us...a running joke throughout the weekend. ha!
Lyla got a much needed haircut from Aunt Ali. Yay!!!
And then it was Bitty Baby's turn.
Lyla was so excited about seeing the horses, but of course, once we got there, she was scared of them. Which is good because she was too young to ride them anyway. I don't think her little heart could have handled any more rejection after Silver Dollar City. :)

So, we headed to the indoor pool instead where Lyla had a BLAST swimming with her Daddy...

On New Year's Eve, we posed for a few family pics, picked up some dinner to take back to the cabin, and enjoyed some bananagrams and TV by the fire before falling asleep before we even saw the ball drop. My kind of New Year's Eve. (although we did hear the HUGE fireworks show right outside our window at midnight...and I was happy to be celebrating with my eyes shut.)  :)
Jan Jan and Pop with all 3 Grandkids

I had to take advantage of actually having make-up on and something other than PJ's and get a 30 week belly pic.
And Ali had to take advantage of the chance to make fun of me. :)
And the award for the most photogenic family goes to the Deals! 

As you can see, we had a BLAST!
Happy New Year!! 
I'm so excited for 2012...to meet our new addition to the family, and to learn how to survive life with 2! I'm assuming it will be through LOTS of prayer and dependence on Jesus! So, that's my New Year's Resolution...more of HIM, less of me.


  1. Your pics from SDC made me laugh out loud! Loved sweet Lyla's cry face and JD in the back of those little rides:)!

  2. I want to be Lyla, just for a day. The day she went to Silver Dollar City and saw horses and swam in the pool. Maybe not the days she just hangs out at home and creates "art." But even those wouldn't be so bad, as long as I wouldn't have to wear anything razorback related.