Saturday, February 25, 2012

Adventures with Lyla the Flower Girl!

Our sweet, sweet friend, Savannah Hill, asked Lyla to be the flower girl in her wedding which was last night. When she first asked us several months ago, my first thoughts consisted of "Wow, I'm SO honored she thought of Lyla! That's exactly one week away from my due date. I'm going to be huge and uncomfortable. And, Lyla (I'd say most 2 year olds for that matter) is SO unpredictable, there's no telling what she's going to do as a flower girl!!" So, here's the rundown of how it went...

Savannah did an awesome job preparing her. About a month ago, she brought her a little treat bag full of princess things and candy, along with her cowboy boots and dress. Made Lyla feel VERY special and important. Thankfully, Lyla LOVED her dress!!! She felt like a true princess in it and has begged me to wear it every day since we got it. (Mom and Whit can attest to the most unbelievable melt-down over it because I wouldn't let her wear it till the wedding!!) 

Anyway, Friday night was the Rehearsal and Rehearsal dinner. The whole night was SO much fun, and made me feel so much better about everything. Lyla did an awesome job, following directions and feeling so so important. And we even got her to wear her cowboy boots for practice. :) The dinner was so Christ-honoring, and of course I cried several times over the awesomeness of the couple getting married. They both put Christ first in their lives, and because of that, I know they will love each other well and glorify Him in their marriage! SO fun to witness!! 

Before we headed out...
Giving baby Lowen a little love before we leave...

Got my flowers...ready to practice!
Thankfully, Lyla knows the maid of honor, Meg, so she was SO crucial in getting her to walk down the aisle.

I love her up there holding Meg's hand. So sweet. 

SO, yesterday, I was feeling pretty good about things. Until she woke up from only a one hour nap in a MAJOR FUNK!! I said, "Lyla, it's time to be the flower girl!! Let's take a bath so we can put on your beautiful dress!" She had a total meltdown, and ran to hide under the table, crying and saying "I not take a bath! I not throw flowers down the aisle. I not get dressed!" GREAT!! I quickly emailed my family asking for emergency prayer! :) And, thankfully, after a snack and some Fresh Beat Band, she rallied and I got her dressed. My only final concern was her hair. (ha! I could NEVER be a pageant mom...way too much pressure!!) As you can see, she would NOT let me fix it for the rehearsal dinner. In fact, these days, she won't let me touch it. Refuses to wear bows. Nothing. And I did not want it hanging scraggly in her face for the wedding. John David had the brilliant idea to take her to "Margot's beauty parlor" before the wedding and it worked like a charm! She sat there like a sweet little princess, so patient, just letting Margot play away on her hair...

Of course, she wouldn't wear the cute headband Savannah made her, but we ended up doing a little braid and using a cream flower my mom had made, so it was at least out of her face. Success! :)
As you can see, by this point, she was feeling REALLY cute and ready to go!! 
I asked her to take a quick picture with Daddy before we left and she struck this pose all on her own. Might be one of my favorite pictures ever!! She looks SO old!! Love that little boot kicked up.
We were told to be there about 4:30 for pictures (and the wedding didn't start till 7:00!!) So, we passed our time waving to the people arriving...
And taking lots of pics of our sweet girl...

After lots of flights up and down the stairs, a couple meltdowns, and an emergency run to chickfila by daddy, Lyla finally saw the beautiful bride and all was right in the world. She was mesmerized and couldn't stop staring at her and talking about her. So sweet...

Savannah was showing Lyla that she had her cowboy boots on too!
Lyla flirted with all the bridesmaids
finally got her picture taken with the bride and groom, and the cute ring bearers
And Daddy entertained her with this fun hugging game. :)
Once it was time for the wedding to start, John David and I stood off to the side to watch. Game time!  She was supposed to walk down with the ring bearers. But, we soon saw 3 little boys walking down and no Lyla. Great. But, then, here she came, holding Meg's hand. She looked so sweet, and just walked right down so confidently. When she got to the front, Savannah handed her this giant lollipop, and then she came to sit with us, SO proud of herself...Whew! We survived! :)
After the ceremony, we hit up the candy bar. Lyla kept hopping down from the table saying, "I be right back. I go get more candy."...
And then this is what her face looked like after her 5th trip...
She was SO sleepy and on the verge of a meltdown, had a tummy ache from too much sugar, so we said our goodbyes and decided to get her to bed after a LONG day.
HOWEVER, as we started to leave, she heard the music start! And she said, "Mommy! Daddy! I want to dance!" Well, how do you resist that?? So, we let her dance for a few songs...

 She was SOOO sleepy, but did not want to stop dancing. haha!!

 Look at this sleepy, sleepy girl. We'd say, "Lyla, do you want to go home and go night night?" And, while rubbing her eyes and yawning, she'd say "No, I want more dancing." So, mommy's turn to hit the dance floor with Lyla and Lowen...(thankfully, my dr. was there in case my water broke! ha!!)
On the car ride home, she so sweetly talked the entire time about how much fun she had!! She said "I want to do that every day!" haha! And, when we got home, she asked if she could please sleep in her wedding dress. We said yes. And she kept her bracelet on all night as well. What a fun wedding!!! Thankful for the experience for sweet Lyla. Memories, for sure!! 


  1. Hi! I found your blog from Arkansas Womens Bloggers.
    I have a Lyla too! So sweet! Lyla is a unique name.

    She looked so precious in that wedding!

  2. Hey Mindy! Stella is going to be a flower girl in my brothers wedding two weeks before my due date and she will be 23 months old I'm so nervous about how she is going to do and what we are going to do with her after she walks down the aisle! Both my husband and I are in the wedding so I'm kind of worried about what she's going to do when she is done with her "duties"...but your post made me feel a little more at peace about it, hopefully she won't have a melt down! Lyla looked so precious in her flower girl dress and she just looks like a lot of fun. Good look with delivering baby number 2!

  3. I love that little flower girl dress! Where did you find it? Ava's going to be in two weddings soon so we are on the hunt for a cute dress!