Friday, February 24, 2012

Mommy Daughter Weekend!!

This past weekend, John David went to Atlanta for Daniel Carson's wedding. Seeing as how I was 2 weeks away from my due date, I sadly wasn't able to make the trip. I also was not looking forward to a weekend by myself taking care of Lyla while so uncomfortably pregnant. So, sweet Stephen kept the kiddos so Whitney could come help me and keep me company. My mom decided to join in on the fun at the last minute, so it became a little mother/daughter weekend in Fayetteville and it was SO MUCH FUN!!!!! Saturday morning, we woke up and headed to Rick's for breakfast. YUMMY!! 

I seriously think Lyla ate about 18 donut holes, and it put her in a little sugar coma...which resulted in some sweet snuggle time with Cookie...

sweet sugar coma face :)

Lyla went with Aunt Whit and Cookie to watch them bake, and check out all the cakes while I sat at the table drinking coffee and reading The Hunger Games. :) 
After breakfast, we shopped at all our favorite Fayetteville places and found some fun things. Then, we ate lunch at Loafin Joes (although I was still soooo full from Ricks!!) After lunch, we went home to put Lyla down for a nap and my mom stayed with her while Whitney and I were treated to a mani/pedi. SUCH a rare treat!! Kaleigh and Phil came over to keep Lyla Saturday night so that Whit, my mom and I could enjoy dinner out with actual conversation. We went to Noodles and had so much fun really catching up and talking about life.  
Our "cheers" before dinner...with my water. :)

A quick Sunday morning pic before Lyla and I headed to church, and Whitney and mom hit the road.
We had so many hard laughs about this large belly of mine and the CRAZY movements this child does inside of there!!! My little ninja. So, we ended the weekend with your typical cheesy belly shot. ha! :)
Thanks SOOOO much for coming, Mom and Whitney!!! Lyla and I had SO much fun!!!!! Next time we see you will be for this sweet baby's arrival. Can't wait! 

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  1. aw, it looks like such a sweet weekend! I am so excited that baby Lowen is coming soon and can't wait to see pics of her sweet face! You are going to be a rockstar mommy-of-two, I just know it! Oh how I love being able to keep up with your life in the blog world. Miss you my sweet friend!