Friday, February 24, 2012

This time next week...

We will be holding this sweet, active girl God's been knitting together in my womb!!!! 
Check out that belly!!! Whoa Mama!! It just makes me chuckle at this point. I really do just grow my baby girls straight out in front! 

So, we are going to enjoy our very last weekend as a family of 3. Crazy. Thankfully, I have really been enjoying Lyla this week. Aside from her new wake up time somewhere between 5:30 and 6:30 am (help!!!), she has just been really sweet and a joy to be around (you know, 90% of the time) :). I know it's a gift from the Lord because I feel like I've been able to soak up my time with her, knowing things are about to change big time!! I'm so excited to see her as a big sister. She has always been so sweet toward baby Lowen and gets so excited any time we talk about her. As hard as I know adding another one will be, I just feel ready to be on that side of things and for that to become my new normal. 

On another note, Lyla gets to be the flower girl in a wedding tonight!! SO curious to see how that goes! Prayers for cooperation would be appreciated! This girl is unpredictable. :) Pics to come!! 

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