Thursday, March 8, 2012

Crafts with Cookie

I can't even begin to tell you how AWESOME it's been having my mom here!!!! Not only is she an absolute joy to be around, but she has the biggest servant's heart of anyone I know! She has done laundry every single day, continually kept the house picked up and clean, waited on me hand and foot, cooked us some unbelievable meals such as this...
Glazed Salmon, mango and avocado salad, and zucchini. Like 5 star restaurant worthy:
But, more importantly, she has loved on our girls SO well and has made this week such a great transition for Lyla!! I know the main reason Lyla is adjusting to well is that she has her Daddy and her Cookie to entertain her and love on her while I'm recovering and having to tend to Lowen. Cookie has done the most creative and fun things with her. 
 They made the cutest little butterflies by dying paper towels and tying them in the middle with pipe cleaners. They turned out so cute! 

 And even just the simplest ideas like giving her a jar full of buttons, and containers full of beans. So entertaining, and so easy. Why don't I think of things like this?? 

 She also brought a bag of balloons that have provided countless hours of entertainment!! They wrapped the above 3 with yarn, rolled them in starch, let it dry overnight, and then popped them to make the cutest little easter egg decorations! 
And as you can see, they were laughing SO hard playing this game where my mom made paddles out of paper plates and popsicle sticks and hit the balloons back and forth. Such joy to hear those two just giggling away!! :)

 And, of course some classic hide and seek...

 We LOVE you Cookie!!! Thanks for making this first week SO GREAT!! And we are so happy that you will be here another couple weeks as we continue to adjust. WOO HOO!!!!


  1. Ok, I just had to comment, even though we have never met :) I won a giveaway from W.E. Giggle a while back, and have enjoyed the Eoff blog since then. But I happened to click on your a couple weeks ago, and Lyla just looks like a riot! I LOVE the faces she is making in this post! We are due with our second baby in June, and I am truly hoping our first weeks go as smoothly as yours are :)

  2. Grandmas are sooo much fun and I would love to have another baby, just so my mama could come stay with us! ha!! And baby Lowen is precious!!!