Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Our last week with Cookie!

My mom left today, so we are officially on our own! I can't even begin to describe how awesome it's been having her here for almost 3 weeks!!!! John David and I both cried when she left! I think John David is well aware that he's about to have zero clean clothes, a sink full of dishes, and fast food for dinner. :) My Dad came up last night and treated us to SUCH a fun, delicious meal at Pesto Cafe while precious Lacey Harris stayed with the girls. It was so incredibly nice to have a night out with just John David and my parents! Here are LOTS of pictures of this past week. As you can see, I can't put my camera down. These sweet little faces just melt my heart!!

(John David was holding up this picture of Lyla as a newborn to compare with Lowen. Definitely similar!!) 

(a rare moment when Cookie convinced Lyla to do a ponytail...LOVE this little profile! too bad it only lasted a few minutes!)
Cookie "riding the horsey" with her girls
ha! Poor Lowen...such a trooper already 

Constantly doing her "gymnastics tricks" :)

Lots of rain all day today, but Lyla is so used to playing outside that she convinced us to let her go jump in the puddles. She wanted to wear her jacket and boots, but NO pants of course! She would have stayed out there all day long if we'd let her!

Love these sweet profiles, too...and Lyla's hand on Daddy's arm.

And while Lowen peacefully sleeps all day long, our little free-spirit hippie child keeps us entertained...
So, here's to hoping we survive life with 2 kids without the help of Super Cookie!!! All prayers appreciated please! :)


  1. Oh my gosh...what your blogging does for my heart!!! I'm so happy! Please do those updates every day!! So many thoughts. First one is right when i opened your blog i got so tickled that IM STARING AT YOU when I look at Lowen. MINDY!!! As much as Lyla is John David's twin LOWEN IS YOUR TWIN. Hahaha! Seriously ridiculous. So precious!!! Secondly...why does Lyla look like she's been at the beach? Yummy skin! Also...her high kick is cracking me up too. So stinking high! You look beautiful fee fee and those are the happiest pics of JD and Lyla on the couch. Ohh my! Like I said. Aunt Whit is so happy to see all your sweet faces! I MISS YOU and love you!!!

  2. Lyla is John David's twin and Lowen is yours. Love seeing their sweet faces and what a good big sister Lyla is being!

  3. new blog post is like a mini-vaction for me.....loving the new beautiful addition! Love you all so much