Sunday, March 18, 2012

Playing Mommy

Lyla's always loved her baby dolls, but she is even more into them these days now that she sees me taking care of a baby. I love seeing her imitate what I do...
 She's figured out how to take pictures with my phone, and let me tell you, she gets pretty artsy with her photography! :) She keeps going up to the real baby Lowen and her baby dolls and saying "Say cheese! Good job!"

 Taking baby Lowen for a ride on Rody

 helping mommy give her real baby doll a bath
 She and Bitty Baby have been on lots of trips to the Grocery store and Bible Study in her little car
 She's also real into burping her baby dolls...she'll pat them on the back and then say "Big Burp! Good Job!" 

 buckling her baby doll in the bouncy seat. safety first!
 taking a little nap with baby Stella

 And time for a bottle!
 All swaddled up :)
But there's nothing better than the REAL baby doll in the house. So so thankful that Lyla is loving being a big sister!! Such an answer to prayer!!!

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