Friday, March 23, 2012

Rainy Days

Well, so far, we are surviving (barely) without Cookie. :) Wednesday was our first day on our own. With all the rain, John David just had to take advantage and go kayaking. So, I decided to be brave and load up both kids in the rain to go to Emily's for a playdate. I'm so glad I did! Emily made yummy soup for everyone, and it was so nice to get out in the real world and see friends. And I know Lyla had a blast having some new toys and friends to entertain her! Plus, Lowen was passed around so it was a nice little break for me and I actually got to visit with some friends! Imagine that! Here's a pic of all the babies that were there...Surprisingly enough, with all these kids, it was very calm and laid back! Still not sure how that happened.

To get ready in the mornings, I just bring both girls in the bathroom with me, and we have girl parties. Lyla helps Lowen blow-dry and brush her hair...

And, like I mentioned, it's been pouring down rain all week but Lyla still begs to go outside and play. So, Sawyer came over to run around with Lyla and get some energy out. These two are a MESS together. :) At one point, we looked out there and Lyla had completely stripped down to nothing and was squatting in the grass to pee. Lovely. 

The Mortons stopped by the other night as well, while they were out on an evening stroll. The boys watched youtube videos while us girls chatted...
Yesterday, I finally remembered to do tummy time with Lowen for the first time. She loved it!! Hung out there for about 15 minutes, happy as can be. Lyla wanted to join her...

"oh, hey there Mom!"
trying to lift her little head :)
Loving these girls! They are keeping me busy (and tired) but my heart could not be more full!! 
And this sweet little dimple makes the rough nights all worth it. :)
Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Heather, I couldn't agree more! That's exactly what I was logging to say. Mindy, Lowen looks so much like you!