Thursday, March 15, 2012

Week 2 with Lowen

Lowen will be 2 weeks tomorrow. It actually feels like she's been around a lot longer than that. We've been working on fattening her up, and slowly but surely, she's been gaining her weight back. That's a full time job, right there! Other than that, here are several glimpses into week 2 with Lowen...
This shirt is true...she really is the best big sister ever! (besides my own, of course)
I'm obsessed with her little hands...she always has them folded like this when I'm feeding her. :)

so alert after bath time!
snuggles with our girls

Cookie and Daddy built Lyla this great fort under our dining room table. She wanted Lowen to join her while she drew on her Aqua Doodle.

so typical
Another delicious dinner spread! Our community group has been spoiling us with amazing dinners. Between them and my mom. we are eating GREAT over here!! Lyla was just standing at the counter chowing down on some guacamole. 
A typical nap spot for the swing. This is where Lyla napped 90% of the time, too.
We have been LOVING this amazing weather!!! We have pretty much lived outside all week. Tested out my new double stroller for the first time yesterday when we walked to the park. :)
We also spent 5 hours on Tuesday getting Lowen's newborn pictures taken. Blaire Perry did them, and she was amazing to work with!! Here's a pic of her and her assistant working their magic. Can't WAIT to see all the sweet pictures she got!! 
More walking!

 John and Laura bought this Princess crown for Lyla...can you tell she feels sassy in it?

 Um, how precious are these two boys?? Daniel and Kevin wanted to stop by the other night to see Lowen. They were so incredibly sweet with her. They kept taking turns holding her, and saying "can I have her again when you're done?" These are the kind of men John David and I are praying Lyla and Lowen will marry some day. Salt of the earth, these 2. :)
 Daniel even fed her a bottle. :)
 3 of my Bible study girls came over yesterday to love on Lowen as well. (forgot to take a pic!) But, Lyla and I did take some time to make Kaleigh a birthday card since it was her birthday!
And, two sweet girls in their matching outfits. I dressed them in this today just to drive through chickfila. Which, by the way, it took us about 2 hours to get out the door for that little trip. And that was with my mom's help. I'm officially never leaving the house once my mom leaves. But, it makes my heart so happy seeing them in their little matching clothes, even if we just stay home! :) 


  1. That Daniel guy is cute! I'm a sucker for a Godly guy who loves kids!

  2. Both of your girls are so beautiful! You are one lucky mommy! And I feel you on never wanting to leave the house without help! Chick fil A isn't even worth the hassle! ha