Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Weekend at the Ranch

Lowen got to experience her first adventure at the Ranch this past weekend for Kristen Cole's birthday. We went out there Friday night with the Coles, Harris', Beforts, and Millers. Such a great group. Although I was insanely tired Friday night and went to bed fairly early after a fun and yummy dinner, Saturday was SO relaxing and the weather could not have been more perfect!!! The day pretty much consisted of sitting on rocking chairs all day long and chatting with friends. It was perfection. John David was Rockstar Dad...let me sleep in, take an afternoon nap, and entertained this sweet girl all day with trips to the river to look at the fish and lots of trips on the 4 wheeler...

 "Rock On!"
Saturday evening, we decided to head home, but we first stopped at Granny's Kitchen in Huntsville for some good ole home cooking. It was amazing. Worth the trip from Fayetteville JUST to eat there! Especially for the breakfast, although the dinner was awesome too. Love it!! 
 Lyla and I sharing some Curly Q Fries...she thought it was really fun that they were so long. :)
Once again, always a great time at the Ranch and the perfect little get-away.

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