Monday, March 5, 2012

Welcome to the family Lowen Lee!

Our sweet little Lowen is here, and we are more in love than we ever thought possible!!! Last Thursday night, our entire family arrived, making it all feel very real that this was actually about to happen. All day long, I felt surprisingly calm and just giddy at the thought that we were finally about to meet Lowen! My mom made Chili for everyone, and the kids ate outside, ran all around, and had SO much fun together!! Lyla was in heaven with all her cousins! I only had one minor panic attack at the overwhelm-ment of it all, but after a bubble bath and some prayer, I felt much better. :)

Marshall gave baby Lowen some lovin' during her last hours in my belly...
After a not-so-restful sleep, I woke up at 4:30 am to shower and head to the hospital. I got checked in at the Triage, got my IV, and just geared up to get this over with! :) This was actually such a fun memory. My mom, Whitney, and John David hung out in there with me and our time was filled with lots of really hard laughs, and great time of prayer and Scripture reading. Exactly what my heart needed! Dr. Hix came in, and also said the sweetest prayer for Lowen and for the delivery. He's the best! 
They wheeled me into the operating room at 7:56. I got my spinal block and got prepped, and then Lowen Lee Blagg was born at 8:17 am! She weighed 7 lb. 15 oz. and was 19 and 1/4 inches long. The C Section was super fast, although really miserable! :) I felt extremely nauseous, faint, and shaky the whole time. The anesthesiologist said my blood pressure dropped big time, and he had to keep giving me some more pain meds. But, the moment Dr. Hix held her up for me to see, it was seriously one of the happiest moments of my whole life! I was filled with such tremendous relief that she was out of me and healthy, and her tiny little body was seriously the cutest thing I've ever seen. They wheeled me to recovery, where I shook really bad for like an hour but enjoyed listening to some worship music on my phone and praising Jesus for our new miracle. And soon I was holding the sweetest little bundle of love...

Soon after I had some time with her, Lyla and the family got to come in and hold her. Lyla busted open the door and said, "Happy Birthday Lowen!" and instantly was begging to hold her. She's already the BEST big sister!

I think she looks SO much like her big sister. In fact, I kept telling people I felt like I just birthed the same baby all over again. I called her "Lyla" about 90% of the time in the hospital. Although, I will say, I see a lot more of myself in her than I do in Lyla. She's like a Mindy-version of Lyla. :)

My good camera has not been behaving, so this post is actually filled with all the pictures John David and I took on our phones. My sister had her really good camera, and documented the whole thing, so I will post WAY more pictures soon with the ones I get from her. But, until then, enjoy the iPhone pics we got...

So thankful my Dad was able to be there in between trips to Poland and China! Everything's better when Papo is there! :) Lowen is grandbaby #7 for Cookie and Papo!

(wearing her adorable smart wool socks that Daniel Dodd brought her!)

We spent 2 nights in the hospital and I seriously had a wonderful time. Although I was recovering from major surgery, it was nice to lie in bed and let people bring me meals and medicine and let me just love on and bond with my new baby girl! We had so many sweet visitors in and out for 2 days, and by Sunday morning, the Dr. told me I was free to go if we wanted to. Although I selfishly kinda wanted to stay another night and just keep resting, I was missing Lyla badly and ready to just face reality. So, we packed up, changed Lowen into her cute going home outfit, and headed home!

Yesterday was probably my worst day of pain, but Lyla was so unbelievably sweet with Lowen, it made the day so great for me. Such an answer to prayer. My mom had a cleaning lady come, so we had a clean house, and some sweet and snuggly girls. So, despite the pain, I was very thankful to be home.

Lyla kept going over just to check on Baby Lowen. Melts my heart...

(she literally started brushing her hair and said "Lyla's beauty parlor!")
feeding Lowen her baby doll bottle. Lyla really thinks she just got her own living baby doll, and she could not be sweeter with her! 
In fact, after seeing me nurse Lowen a couple times, we found her like this with her baby doll...
LOVE that face!

Lots more pictures to come! 


  1. Yay!! So glad baby lowen is here. Have to agree, she looks a lot like lyla......mindy version :). Cannot wait to meet her. Btw, you look awesome. Love y'all!

  2. LOVE HER! She is so precious, and I think she is a Mindy version of Lyla too:). I cannot believe you have already changed your blog background, photo, and title. I STILL have not done that! Seeing that itty bitty girl is making me miss those days of A being teeny tiny:). Can't wait to meet her!

  3. Mindy- congratulations! Your family is just so beautiful, and it is so exciting to see this sweet little girl join it! So happy for you! Parker and Lowen need to meet one day soon.... Love you!

  4. Mindy, congrats on baby Lowen! You are going to enjoy having 2 sweet girls :] We have pics of Joey nursing her babies too :] So sweet! Praying for quick healing...those shakes were the worst feeling! Glad it's only temporary :]

  5. Thanks for blogging all these wonderful pictures! So great to know you've made it home and Lyla is being so sweet! Can't wait to meet her! I definitely agree that she is a Mindy version of Lyla. You're making me want a second one now! haha. Will call you soon!