Friday, April 27, 2012

Ode to Pasco Dr...

It's been a little over a week since we closed on our house on Pasco Dr. And because we are living 2 doors down, it's a little weird to pass it multiple times a day and not pull into the driveway. Every time we pass it, Lyla gets so excited and says "There it is, Mama!! I found our house!" So sweet, and yet so confusing I'm sure! She's been a TROOPER, though, with the transition. Because I print this little blog into books as our family scrapbook every year, I wanted to document our old house in pictures so that we will always remember it. It's been a GREAT house with LOTS of fun memories. It was the very first house John David ever built, and he did an awesome job!! We started building it right around the time Lyla was born, and moved in when she was 4 months old. And, of course, it was the house we brought Lowen home to. We had lots of fun roomies during our 2 years there as well...including Patrick and Margot, Drew Sutherland, Benji, and of course TONS of weekend guests. John David and I LOVE to be hosts and were thankful to have a house that was always open to our friends and family. So, here you go, a tour of our first home in Fayetteville....
(too bad these were taken in the dead of winter....with dead grass, and no bushes in bloom. oh well.)

 Our master bedroom
 the kitchen
 I loved the open floor plan.
 Lyla's room
Lowen's room
 Guest room (aka Benji's room) :)
 Dining room
My little piano I bought when I was 10 years old. :) Too bad John David will have to move this monster every 2 years. I'm too sentimental to get rid of it. :)

Thanks for the memories little house! You were a good one!

Monday, April 16, 2012

When we haven't been packing...

Well, big news...we sold our house!!!! Thank you Lord!! So, we've been packing, packing, packing. We close on Wednesday. Once again, I'm so thankful for our amazing community here! I've had so many neighbors and friends offer to watch Lyla so I can pack. And so many friends bring us dinner over the past week. The meals could not have come at a more perfect time! Let me tell's not easy packing with a 2 year old and a newborn! I'm amazed at how much STUFF we have! It seems to never go away, no matter how many boxes I pack! I've quickly become unsentimental and have been cleaning out like crazy. We will be having a big garage sale this weekend in Patrick and Margot's driveway. (that's where we will be living for the next 2 weeks until we can move into our rental on May 1st. Yes, our lives are insane.) But, I'm truly so thankful for a sold house, a place to rent month to month until we figure out what to do next, and amazing friends to take in our family of four for 2 weeks! And SO thankful for BHill, Jeremy, and John William who have been over here the past 4 nights to load up our huge trailer and take loads out to Patrick's airplane hanger to store everything! Thank you, Lord, for selfless friends who love our family so well! Feeling extremely blessed! So, when we haven't been packing, this is what we've been up to...

 (those 2 pics above were actually taken a couple weeks ago, but I liked them too much not to share)
 picnic at Gulley Park last week with fun friends. LOVE nights like this!

 Cookie sent these bathtub paints for Easter, and they have provided lots of entertainment. Lyla specifically asked me to take this picture and send it to Jan Jan to show her the painting she did for her! Another sidenote: Please note the strawberry on her left knee. This happened at Eli Butler's birthday party on Saturday. She fell and skinned it on the driveway and cried 3/4 of the party over it. And then either limped or crawled for the next 24 hours!!! I've never seen her take that long to get over a boo boo. Glad she's back to running around the house. I can't handle carrying her AND Lowen everywhere! 
 We've had LOTS of dance parties as we've been packing to music! 
Yesterday, we needed a family outing. So, we loaded up the girls in the rain and headed to Village Inn for breakfast. Lyla was SO excited to wear her new raincoat Cookie also sent for Easter! 
 I told her to make a funny face to match her pancakes and this is what I got.
 Precious Lee offered to watch Lyla the other day so I could pack. Lyla picked out this outfit, we packed her a little lunch, and sent her out the door. DL walked her back home. So sweet. :)
 And this little nugget just keeps growing, and keeps being so sweet!! Just chilling in the outfit Auntie Margot bought her! :)
We had the most fun day with the Colliers last week! Met SB and Estee for lunch at Chickfila, then after naps, they came over to the house so Estee could hold Lowen. She was SOOO excited!! They then had us over for dinner! So thankful for their friendship!

my sassy girl
 my sleepy girl
love this little soapy body at bathtime!

Ok....back to packing!!!

Monday, April 9, 2012

A day to celebrate!!

Yesterday we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus, my Dad's birthday (from afar!) AND our 6th wedding anniversary! Such fun, exciting events!! I truly felt so blessed all day as I remembered all 3 of these gifts from the Lord. Of course, we started the day by checking out the goodies the Easter Bunny left the girls...
 Aunt Ali MADE Lyla and Lowen's Easter baskets and I couldn't love them more.
 Lyla's favorite thing she got was this Minnie Mouse jumprope. John David laughed at how random it was, and although she doesn't exactly know how to use it, she loves it! :)

 What's Easter without some Peeps?? This was Lyla's first taste ever, and she said, "Mmmmmm! That's SO yummy!!" (we later found a half-eaten box she had snuck away to her room!!)
 She also got this new Ballerina leotard. Of course, she instantly wanted to wear it. As soon as she put it on, I said "Lyla, do a trick." (thinking a twirl or a leg lift) Instead, she hopped up on the table like this, flapped her arms and said "tweet tweet! I'm a bird!" Again, I do not know where she gets these things.

 After Lyla devoured her basket, she helped Lowen open hers.

By far the most special Easter treats Lowen received were this glass Easter egg and this necklace from the original Lowen!! What a treasure! :)
 And then we got ready for church...

 After church, we picked up salads from Panera and then headed to our neighborhood park to have a picnic, play on the playground, and hunt for eggs with the Mortons and the Henrys. So thankful for these 2 families!!

 Our one and only (failed) attempt at a family picture!
love Libby's hand on Lowen's head...can't wait for these 2 to be buds! :)
 And this is what she did the entire time at the park...sweet angel. love her.
while Lyla flirted with the boys and ran around. (she kept asking DL to kiss her knee! oh man.) 
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! He is Risen!!