Monday, April 9, 2012

A day to celebrate!!

Yesterday we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus, my Dad's birthday (from afar!) AND our 6th wedding anniversary! Such fun, exciting events!! I truly felt so blessed all day as I remembered all 3 of these gifts from the Lord. Of course, we started the day by checking out the goodies the Easter Bunny left the girls...
 Aunt Ali MADE Lyla and Lowen's Easter baskets and I couldn't love them more.
 Lyla's favorite thing she got was this Minnie Mouse jumprope. John David laughed at how random it was, and although she doesn't exactly know how to use it, she loves it! :)

 What's Easter without some Peeps?? This was Lyla's first taste ever, and she said, "Mmmmmm! That's SO yummy!!" (we later found a half-eaten box she had snuck away to her room!!)
 She also got this new Ballerina leotard. Of course, she instantly wanted to wear it. As soon as she put it on, I said "Lyla, do a trick." (thinking a twirl or a leg lift) Instead, she hopped up on the table like this, flapped her arms and said "tweet tweet! I'm a bird!" Again, I do not know where she gets these things.

 After Lyla devoured her basket, she helped Lowen open hers.

By far the most special Easter treats Lowen received were this glass Easter egg and this necklace from the original Lowen!! What a treasure! :)
 And then we got ready for church...

 After church, we picked up salads from Panera and then headed to our neighborhood park to have a picnic, play on the playground, and hunt for eggs with the Mortons and the Henrys. So thankful for these 2 families!!

 Our one and only (failed) attempt at a family picture!
love Libby's hand on Lowen's head...can't wait for these 2 to be buds! :)
 And this is what she did the entire time at the park...sweet angel. love her.
while Lyla flirted with the boys and ran around. (she kept asking DL to kiss her knee! oh man.) 
Hope everyone had a blessed Easter! He is Risen!!

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