Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lyla's Back!

And just in time for Sawyer's Birthday Party!!! She's been in Texarkana all week with Jan Jan and Pop and had an absolute blast!! Pictures to come in the next post. :) They got up early this morning to drive back for Sawyer's party because we couldn't miss her best friend's birthday! As calm, relaxing, and productive as this week has been, it really is GREAT to have our sweet girl back. Here are pictures from the birthday party. The weather was awesome and the kids had SO much fun...

 the birthday boy...can't believe he's THREE!!
 cupcakes with her girlfriends...Cilla, Hannah, and Stella

 This was unprompted...they ran to each other in the bounce house and just gave each other a huge hug. Melt my heart!

 Lyla and Daddy have their own special handshake. This was the "elbows" part. Love it.

 She told me she was doing her "gynasnics tricks". I have no idea where she learns these things.

 I literally have visions of them as teenagers when I look at this. So scary. And how gorgeous is Stella?? 
Ending the party with a friendly game of hoops.
Happy Birthday Sawyer!! We love you so much!!

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  1. Love ya'll!! So so so glad that she could make it back in time. That picture was worth it:) Love them together even when they fight ;)