Saturday, April 7, 2012

Lyla's week away...

Well, the biggest thing we did while Lyla was away was say goodbye to the most awesome car ever...
 I literally cried. John David and I bought this car our first year of marriage, and I have absolutely loved it. After we put both girl's carseats in it, we quickly realized we had sadly outgrown it. My knees were literally hitting the dashboard with Lowen's carseat behind me. Because we both still wanted a Subaru, we headed to the dealership last Saturday to check out the newer ones and see if there was more room. Before I knew it, we were signing the papers on this beauty...
 If you know me at all, you know I'm the biggest cheap-wad ever and I get anxiety just to buy a new pair of shoes from Target. :) So, you can imagine the panic attack I nearly had in the middle of signing all those papers!! Although, I must say I absolutely love it. I do still miss my old one, but this will make driving to see all our long-distance family way more comfortable. And that alone makes it worth it! :)

More importantly than a new car, I got to spend some good quality time with this sweet nugget:
As you can see, she's finally fattening up! :) I took her to the Dr. this week and she's up to 8 lb. 11 oz. Growing girl! Throughout the week, we ran tons of errands, took naps, and went on lots of fun lunch and dinner dates with Daddy.

Meanwhile, here are the pictures I got through texts of all the fun Lyla was having in Texarkana...
 Apparently, she became a teenager while she was away. She looks so old in this picture!! Maybe it's the rockstar jewelry she's wearing.
 Lyla's favorite thing about Jan Jan and Pop's is her pink jeep! They told me she kept lifting the hood to "check her email" ha! 
 Sweet baby got a little ear infection while she was gone. Thank goodness Pop is a Dr. and was able to get her on some antibiotics. And good thing she had Jan Jan, and her piggy and passy, to snuggle with! 
 But, it was nothing some home-made sugar cookies couldn't cure!! Lyla iced these herself. :)
 And check out this bunny cake they baked!! Impressive!
 Lyla also had a date with Pop to Chuck E. Cheese.

 This picture is blurry, but I love it. Riding around on the tractor with Uncle/Coach Cody after their baseball game.
 Enjoying a little ice cream after the church Easter egg hunt
 Going for a little stroll with Atticus and John Morris
 Getting a cute haircut and a fancy up-do from her talented Aunt Ali
Jan Jan and Pop, y'all are the best!!! Thanks for creating so many fun memories for Lyla this week! We loved our bonding time with Lowen, and are thankful to have our crazy girl back! The house is pretty boring and quiet without her. :)

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