Monday, April 2, 2012

One Month

Lowen is one month old today!
She thinks life is so exhausting. :) She literally still sleeps pretty much ALL day long. She is the most content, laid-back, sweetest little thing!! I really don't think I've heard her cry for longer than just a few minutes. She is easy to console, thankfully! And we think she's pretty cute.

More fun facts:

  • She's eating 2.5-3 oz. pretty much every 3 hours on the dot. I've had to pump and give bottles to ensure she's gaining weight. I'll take her tomorrow for a weight check and hopefully she'll be back to her birth weight!! Little girl just kept losing and losing at first (just like her sister) but I can tell she's fattening up lately and she's even outgrowing some outfits AND moved up to level one diapers yesterday! :)
  • I have to wake her for most daytime feedings, but I let her wake me up at night. :) I usually make myself stay up until 11 to feed her, then feed her again around 2 and 5 AM.
  • She LOVES bath time!! (even though I only get around to actually doing it once or twice a week!) It's hard to catch time to do it while she's actually awake! :)
  • She moves around all the time, even in her sleep, and loves kicking her legs straight out. It's funny because I remember feeling all those movements while she was in my belly! She's a squirmy worm.
  • She's super gassy all the time it seems and has some baby acne right now. Boo to both those things!
  • Her big sister is staying with Jan Jan and Pop all this week, so we are soaking up some one on one time with our new little addition! It's SUCH a treat!!!!! Little did we know how easy it was to only have one child...I feel like I can conquer the world this week. We are toting her around everywhere, going on dates, and just enjoying our time with just Lowen. And we know Lyla is having a BLAST! Pics to come later for sure. 
Happy one month birthday Lowen! We love you SO much!!!

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  1. I'm sure you can't believe this sweet girl is 1 month already. I know I can't! She's super cute and I know she's such a blessing to your family :] I love her little froggy legs in the first picture :]