Tuesday, May 29, 2012

5,000 pics from the beach :)

You never really know how a week at the beach is going to go with kids (7 kids 6 and under to be exact, and our first year to have more than one of our own to keep track of!). But, it was seriously an awesome week, and actually relaxing! My parents rented us a house right on the beach, and it made it so easy to run up and down to check on napping kids, grab a drink or snack, go potty, take a little sun break, etc. Also, the girls did an incredible job in the car there and back. There was barely any fussing, and both trips went by super fast because we had really good books on tape to listen to. Praise the Lord! We truly had THE BEST time with my Dallas family and soaked up every single minute with my very favorite people on this planet! Now, grab a cup of coffee and get cozy, because as you can see, we could not stop snapping pictures and I love each and every one of them too much to narrow them down any further...you can just pretend you were right there with us. :)

 {please notice how HARD Lyla is laughing. John David was entertaining the kiddos, as usual.}
 {Lowen's suit was a little too big, but let's face it. She didn't do much swimming.}

We spent such a fun night at The Village at Baytown Wharf...riding the merry-go-round, jumping on the trampolines, eating ice cream, and dancing to the live music. For some reason, all my pics are just randomly dispersed throughout this post.

 If you can't tell, I am obsessed with this sweet face.

 John and I had Bauer as our buddy for the week. John gave him these goggles as his gift and he did not want to take them off. Bauer is the SWEETEST little thing. Fearless and absolutely precious. A little Dennis the Menace, and future heartbreaker for sure.
 (Lowen didn't get in the water one time, but I just HAD to put a swimsuit on her every day just for the pictures and the fact that we were at the beach. Who can resist that little body in a bikini? I could eat them both up.)
 Lyla was hilarious on this. Such a serious, focused face the entire time. But she did flash us a "rock on" hand sign before she started jumping, and gave us a couple toe touches every now and then. And, of course, she hasn't stopped talking about "jumping so high" since she did it.
 The whole crew!!

 Powdered sugar donut face

 (our best attempt at a mother/daughter pic!)
 My GORGEOUS sister and niece, Olivia

 (Poor little Lowie must have sneezed right before the pic. ha!)

And, sadly, this is the best family pic we got. ha!

 This is where we ate dinner every evening
 Precious Grandaddy wanted to have story time with all the great grandkids. He read them "The Little Engine that Could" :)

 Annie is seriously probably reading this. Future Valedictorian for sure.
 How beautiful is my sweet SIL?? The nice thing about pumping is that I have lots of helpers to give bottles! :)
 I think she got her Daddy's freakish strength
 Checking on Baby Lowen

 Annie so sweetly shared her beach toys with Lowen all week :)

 We were attempting to "strike a pose"

Katie Henry let us borrow this tent and it was awesome for Lowen to be in the shade and out of the sand. Life-changer for sure.

My 2 favorite beach nappers

Look who I randomly ran into at the Donut Hole!! SUCH a treat!

Our home for the week

I also found out that my friend Katie was staying just half a mile down the road, so they walked down for a super fun visit! I finally got to meet their gorgeous little girl, Liberty, and they got to meet Lowen.
Sweet Lyla woke up from a 2 hour nap, and then came downstairs to fall asleep on the couch for another hour! I had so much fun with my sleepy girls on this couch. I love how the beach wears them out. :)

Lyla and her buddies at the Donut Hole
One of Lyla's 500 popsicles of the week

 my crazy crossfit family
 John David and his sweet buddy, Annie

 Beach Diva

Whew! If you made it this far, good job! :)


  1. Love you and your sweet family, and you look FANTASTIC!

  2. i'm so jealous that you've already blogged about the beach. can i just copy your whole thing?? :) loved all your cute comments...laughed and smiled the whole way through. can we pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease go back and do it again? miss you already and couldn't adore you more! if only we could live every day together just like that. heaven!!!

  3. i made it all the way!! y'all are so cute. so glad you had fun. and i can never narrow my beach pics either. we go on wednesday and i can't wait! this makes me even more excited.

  4. What a fun fun trip!!! You are so gorgeous and you have a beautiful family!!