Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Our Little Gymnast

We had our first gymnastics class this morning. I literally think I was even more excited than Lyla.  Although, the first words out of her mouth this morning were "Is it time for me to go do my gynasnics tricks??"  I was a gymnast growing up, so selfishly I think it would be so fun for Lyla to love gymnastics like I did. So far I think we're on the right track! And she already has such a little gymnast body! :) 
 Leotard on, "gymnastics hair" done, and practicing a few moves before we head out the door...

 She walked straight in and so confidently sat on her mat, ready to go! And then waved to me several times throughout the class saying, "Hi Mama!!"
 Just doing a little stretching before we start. I was SO thankful and proud that Lyla actually participated and followed their directions. (you know, for the first 45 minutes at least...then she kinda started wondering off and wanting to do her own thing. Too bad her teachers called her "Layla" the whole time so she didn't even know when they were trying to call her back!)  :)
And such a special treat...Daddy escaped work and got to come watch for a little bit! YAY! We had such an excited and proud cheering section! Gooooo Lyla!! (and I was obviously the psycho new mom who could NOT stop taking pictures of every trick she did. ha!)

 (trying to do a cartwheel) :)
 She was looking up at me while saying "Ta Da!!"

Way to go Lyla!!
2028 Olympics HERE WE COME!


  1. LOVE this!! So fun that we met in gymnastics as little girls too. Go Lyla!

  2. this is just too precious for words!!! Future Olympian FOR SURE!

  3. I love her cartwheel attempt! She's so freaking adorable. I hope she loves gymnastics too!

  4. so cute! she seems so grown up!