Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Phil and Kaleigh are married!!

We had the BEST weekend celebrating Phil and Kaleigh's marriage! They are two of our FAVORITE people and we are just beyond thrilled for them and the adventures ahead! Kaleigh has been in my Pi Phi Bible study for the past 3 years and is Lyla's weekly babysitter for community group nights. Lyla LOVES her, and for good reason. She is awesome! So full of love and joy with a precious servant's heart and a super fun personality. Phil works with John David, and is equally awesome.  We were so honored when they asked Lyla to be the flower girl in their wedding! 

Here we are at the Rehearsal, waiting to practice her big role:

 Her rehearsal run consisted of SPRINTING down the aisle...
 and jumping into Phil's arms :)
 A little family photo opp
 Me with some of my gorgeous Bible study girls
 Me and Rachel

 Me and the beautiful bride at the Rehearsal dinner
 Me and Kick
 And Wedding Day! 
(this day was consisted of a 10:30 am Gender Reveal party for our precious friends, Marc and Michelle...who are having a miracle baby girl!!! We are so thrilled! Followed by going home for Lyla to take a nap while I do about 5 loads of laundry and pack for our Florida trip, which we were leaving for the very next day. Lyla woke up at 2:50 and I gave her a quick bath, got her dressed and we rushed to a 3:00 birthday party for our friend Liv Erck, then rushed home so John David could leave at 4 to practice singing in the wedding. I got Lyla dressed and ready for the wedding (if you know Lyla at all you know that involved several fits and prayers on my part), then we headed to the chapel for pictures! WHEW!!)

 The classic "I need to pee but I'm in my gorgeous wedding dress" picture
 Me with my Bible study girls, who were all beautiful I've said a million times before, I LOVE these girls and pray that Lyla and Lowen have friends like this when they are in college!! They are godly, mature, secure, full of love, and SO much fun!
 How cute is this...I snapped a picture of them watching Kaleigh and Phil take pictures :)
 Me and Boo (we went to her gorgeous wedding in Branson just 3 weeks ago, and of course I didn't take one picture. But we had a blast!)

 Love these boys and what they mean to John David
 Probably telling Kaleigh about gymnastics or the Fresh beat band concert...her two favorite topics lately.

 All the bridesmaids were praying for Kaleigh before the ceremony. Please look at Lyla.
 Ready to go!

 Waiting patiently...such a little lady :)
 And she made it down the aisle!!! (after a panic-striken face, asking me to hold her...she saw the ring bearer take off sprinting down the aisle, so she followed quickly behind, handed her basket of flowers to Phil, and then found us on the front row and I rewarded her with a sucker. Good Job Lyla!!)
 During the ceremony, she turned to me and JD and said, "I'm ready to dance!" And boy did she! She danced the ENTIRE reception...busting out some moves I didn't even know she had. The girl loves. to. dance. She was red faced and sweaty by the end of the night.
 Emerson wanted to join the fun!
 By far, her favorite move right here.
 The new dance move she learned. ha!
 And what's a dance party without a little robot action?
 The Penny Lane thankful for each of them.

 Dancing with her crush, Daniel. She kept calling for him and saying, "Daniel! Come dance with me."

Eating some well-deserved cake after all that dancing.
Such a wonderful celebration of a GREAT couple!

And now we are relaxing in Florida!! The rain has stopped, Lowen is napping, John David is deep sea fishing, so Lyla and I are headed to the beach...
LOTS of pics to come later!!!!

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  1. Minds, that praying picture completely melts my heart! And then to have it immediately followed by the very innocent-looking face with that basket of flowers? Forget about it.