Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Random Photo Catch-Up...

I used to be SO good about taking my good camera everywhere and capturing all kinds of events in our lives. Blame it on a second child, 3 moves in the past month, whatever...I flat out stink at taking pictures lately. So, here's a conglomoration of memories I've captured on my iPhone lately. Just some snapshots into our lives the last few weeks...
 This girl keeps us laughing constantly. Seriously, so funny.

After we sold our house, we lived with Patrick and Margot for a couple weeks and it was seriously so fun. We cooked dinner together every night, went on walks every day, and always had a friend to play with. Lyla LOVED having precious John Chester to entertain her (and take toys from).

 Forgot to add these sweet pics of Olivia feeding Lowen in my Dallas post. Can't believe how big Olivia looks in these!!

 Playdate at the Library with Erica and Liv, and Haven and Eden. Lyla is obsessed with playing the computer games at the library. She feels so big. I've said it before, I LOVE our public library!!! Always makes for a great morning.

This is where Lowen takes most of her naps. Lyla climbed on there with her and said, "I'm gonna nap with Baby Lowen today." She looks thrilled. Lowen looks scared.
Lowen is seriously the happiest little baby!! She LOVES when anyone talks to her and will flash you the biggest grins. Absolutely melts my heart.
tummy time!
 This past weekend Jan Jan came to town. Always a treat!!!
enjoying some frozen yogurt in the freshly organized playroom in our rent house! :)
 Jan Jan brought Lyla some gymnastics leotards. We have our first class tomorrow, and Lyla COULD NOT be more excited!!! She is constantly doing her "gynasnics tricks", and always begging me to watch gymnastics videos on youtube. She soaks it up and then tries the moves after she watches the videos. I seriously cannot WAIT to see how she does in class tomorrow...surely a whole post will be coming soon! :)

While Jan Jan was here, she kept the girls so John David and I could go to the Wilco concert. Little did we know our tickets were on the 5th row and it was AMAZING!! I forgot how much I love live music. Especially with John David. Wilco is his all-time favorite band, and I kept thinking how fun it was that within a week, I got to see both Lyla and John David's favorite bands with them. By far, the most fun part for me was just seeing how happy the 2 of them were, and getting to experience that with them! My little rockstars.
On Saturday, we spent the day at the Farmer's Market.

And enjoyed lunch at Loafin' Joes

Saturday night, we ate dinner on the patio at US Pizza with some friends. Just soaking up this gorgeous weather!
On Sunday, we celebrated Mother's Day! Lyla woke me up and told me to "come get my fruit and my present" and I walked out to this. Absolutely PRECIOUS hubby!! He got up with both girls, cooked me breakfast, and had Lyla make me this card. We then went to church, had brunch at Common Grounds, and then I took a BIG afternoon nap while John David finished moving with the last load from storage. A perfect Mother's Day for sure! I definitely felt so blessed all day for my own awesome Mom, Mother-in-law, and the chance to get to BE a mom!!
Yesterday we had a fun playdate at Katie's.
The shirts/dresses got wet from the water table, so Lyla was ALL too happy to have an excuse to strip down.
Whew! There ya go! A little insight into our busy, but happy little lives!! :)
Oh, and before I forget...Lowen had her 2 month shots today. Poor little baby. She weighs 11 lb. 1 oz. and is 22.5 inches long. 40th % for both. Dr. said she's growing just like she should. Praise the Lord! 

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