Saturday, June 30, 2012


Just to give you a glimpe of what we've been up to...

I went on a walk with friends the other morning, and about died in the heat. So, we headed back to Haley's for the kiddos to play in the sprinkler and blow up pool...

I guess they were saying they're the 3 amigos?
Then, on Thursday night, instead of sweating it up at concert in the park, we opted to eat dinner at Kyle and Haley's with the Colemans. Haley made the girls these adorable matching outfits, and they finally fit! Too cute.

This could have been so cute if Lyla had cooperated. What is about 2 year olds and the power struggle to refuse to smile when you want them to? So annoying. 

 Lyla had conveniently left her swimsuit over there, so they played in the pool while we waited for dinner to be ready.
Cute little Noah. He's in Lyla's gymnastics class and they are becoming fast friends. We went to the library with him and his Mama after gymnastics on Tuesday, and then went back for story time and a lunch date on Thursday! He is so stinkin' cute.
I just love this pic because it's a glimpse of my life in the mornings. Lyla sleepily comes into our room about 6:30 am and crawls into bed with us. She'll lie with us until Lowen wakes up and then we all snuggle in bed while I feed Lowen, Lyla watches cartoons, and Daddy gets ready for work. :)
She insisted on wearing her tiara, jewelry, and stickers to gymnastics the other day. :)
playing dress up at Sawyer's!
Berkley's pool party! I love all the kids corralled in the corner. Of course, Lyla didn't leave the steps the whole time.
Happy girl at the Farmer's Market!
Our little hippie child refusing to wear shoes. And the whole time we walked around she whined for vegetables! Now that's some whining I can tolerate! So, we got her a cucumber and she ate the whole thing while we walked around!
I. Love. Fayetteville.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Our week in Texarkana

We just got home from spending 10 days in Texarkana with my in-laws (I mean, "in-loves") :) Two weekends ago, John David and Jana (my MIL) played music for a wedding in Texarkana. This has been on the calendar for months. The next weekend was going to be our nephew John Morris' first birthday party in Texarkana as well. It turned out last minute that John David was going to have to work in Baton Rouge for the week in between. SO, the girls and I just rode with him and got to stay in T-Town while he went to Louisiana for work. That way I had help with the kiddos! MUCH needed! My mother-in-law is a selfless, serving CHAMP! It was so nice to have a break from having to worry about cooking, cleaning, etc. and just hang out with John David's family and see some of my wonderful Texarkana friends! 

So, we arrived on Friday and these two quickly got after practicing for the wedding. (The wedding was that night). They are such unbelievable musicians that they can just run through some songs that day and flawlessly play them that night. Amazing! I LOVE being married to such a talented musician, and he clearly got his skills from his Mama! They sound amazing together. And, clearly, Lowen thought so as well...
Of course, Lyla had to join in and she grabbed some stools, a couple paintbrushes, and played drums with them. :)
Friday was also John Morris' actual birthday. So, we took him to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate. And JD and Jana joined us after the wedding...

Then, back to Jana and Russell's for some ice cream cake!

What do you do with leftover Target Popcorn? Why, set up your own restaurant and bake all sorts of treats out of it of course...(Lyla is really into playing waitress these days!)
On Saturday, John David went to Hot Springs for his buddy's bachelor party. So, meanwhile, we went swimming at Aunt Ali and Uncle Cody's...

Lowen's first time to swim. Not the biggest fan. :) I couldn't keep the sun from getting in her eyes!
And Lyla wasn't the biggest fan of moving away from her safe and secure steps! We've got to get these girls in some swim lessons fast!! :)
Sunday we celebrated Father's Day by going to church, eating out for lunch, and getting in some Daddy snuggles before he hit the road for Louisiana. I'm SO thankful that our girls have such an amazing Daddy!!!!!!

On Monday, Rachel and her kiddos, Will and Wren, came over to play and then we enjoyed a chaotic lunch at Chickfila! Including the man behind us telling us our kids were driving him crazy, and Wren spilling ketchup ALL over herself. All well worth it to catch up with a good friend! :)
So, Tuesday, we learned our lesson, and just picked up lunch and took it to a park instead! :)

Somehow, I lost my activity mat I had for Lyla, so Lowen finally got to enjoy Jan Jan's and she clearly loved it!! Jan Jan kindly let me bring it home. Yay for another place to set her down! :)
On Wednesday, my friend Kate had a little playgroup over to her house. She fed us lunch, the kiddos played, and I got to see a few of my favorite T-Town friends all at once. It was SO much fun!! 
Jan Jan keeps John Morris while his Mama cuts hair, so these two got to spend some quality time together! It's so fun that they are at an age where they can actually play together. John Morris is the SWEETEST, happiest baby (I guess Toddler now!) that I've ever been around! So thankful I got to love on him all week. AND he learned the word "Lyla". Love that it's one of his first words! We'll work on "Aunt Mindy" next time.
Aunt Ali holding her cabbage patch kid. I mean, Lowen.
And, finally time for John Morris' Birthday Party!! John David came home on Friday (YAY!! I missed that cute boy!!), and then Saturday morning, we celebrated the big one year old! Ali did such a great job on the party. She had a swim party with snow cones in her backyard and it was so much fun!! An inflatable toy wonderland...

JM's smash cake that Ali made :)

This is what Lowen did the entire party. Snoozed by the fan. ANGEL!
Enjoying a snowcone (or 10) with Maggie!

Mama Sue, Big Daddy, Claudia and Blagg drove all the way from Dumas! Such a treat to see them!


YAY for turning one!! Happy Birthday John Morris!! We love you so much!!
And thank you Jan Jan and Pop for having our crazy crew there for so long!
We love y'all!!!