Friday, June 8, 2012

Baptism Bash

This past Wednesday, we celebrated the baptism of 4 dear friends in our community group. It actually started with Derek, who is a fairly new Believer in Christ, who felt led to be baptized. After he expressed this desire, several other men said that they were feeling led as well. So our community group plus some other dear friends and family headed out to the Ranch for a Baptism Bash! It was seriously one of the coolest nights. I absolutely LOVE the symbolism of baptism...being buried with Christ, and then raised to walk a new life in Him, the water symbolizing His washing of our sins. Just so amazing, and of course makes me cry nearly every time. All 4 guys shared their testimonies with the group of how God has saved them, and asked to be held accountable to walking with Him. Then, we headed back to the Ranch for a good ole southern home-cooked meal. I've said it a thousand times, I'm SO thankful for this community group!! 

Derek was up first...

 Some of the onlookers...I think we had around 30 people out there.

 Richard went next...
 His brother, Thomas, drove down from Branson to do it. So cool.

 Corey's turn...

 (sweet Aubrey and Lauren took turns holding Lowen so I could take pictures)
Then, we ended with Mark...

 So thankful sweet Lyla was able to watch it...not that she understands it at all, but still thankful she got to see it. 
 all the guys

 JD, Marc, Andrew, and Derek came early to fry up some chicken...JD also made some mashed potatoes and gravy (that country boy coming out in him...his Mama Sue taught him well!) We also had mac and cheese, green beans, salad, fruit salad, rolls, and tons of delicious desserts. YUM-O! A celebration feast for sure!

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