Sunday, June 10, 2012


Time for a random catch up of pictures from the past couple weeks! :) Never a dull moment around here! We are LOVING Summer and all the festivities that come with it. For example, we attended the first Concert at the Park of the season last week. One of my (and Lyla's) favorite things about Fayetteville. Lyla hasn't stopped talking about "dancing with Estee and Tilla" (Stella). It was actually pretty chilly on this first one! 
 Lyla LOVES having Baby Lowen as a playmate. People have asked me how the transition to two has been, and I always answer that I actually like it better than having one. Although it's constant and non-stop, the days go by so much faster and Lyla always has a friend to play with and entertain her. She loves Lowen so much and is always wanting to talk to her and be right up in her face. On this particular day, they were playing beauty school and Lowen was getting her nails painted (pretend, of course.) :)

 We had a surprise visit from Pop on his way through town from Kansas City to Texarkana. We met him at Cherry Berry for a little ice cream. Such a treat to see him! And he got to meet Lowen for the first time! 
 Lyla loves her Pop!
 A little more beauty school action. She is ready to style some hair!
 cookies and swimming at Ava's house
 When Pop came through town, he brought some clothes from Jan Jan for Lyla and Lowen. This particular dress was one of her new goodies (to wear for dress up), and of course, Lyla wanted to put it on the second we got home. Her exact words were, "Mommy, I want to wear my new dress and it's going to be so cute, and you're going to love it, and I'm gonna dance with my Daddy."
 So that's exactly what she did as soon as Daddy walked in the door. Melt. My. Heart. on how she is looking at him in this picture!!!!!
 And, once again, heart is melting.
 our weekly trip to the library. puzzle time. Love this little playmate of mine. :)
 now that I'm swaddling with arms out, she always tries to hold her own bottle and will actually do it for a good 20 seconds or so. I'm going to encourage this trick. Frees up mommies hands. :)
 Yesterday morning, JD and I were frying up some bacon and eggs and Lyla was busily playing in her playroom. I looked over to see this masterpiece she'd been working on. SO proud. She kept saying, "Mommy, come to my cafe!" and then she served us like a little waitress. She'd say things like, "How is it Ma'am? Is it great?" (where does she learn these things? ha!!)
And then off to the Farmer's Market we went! Lyla talked us into a morning glory muffin.
 Lowen is now at the Dr.'s office
 had to get a shot, poor baby
 ready for gymnastics (she looks way too old here)
 I started a new Bible Study last Wednesday morning, and I am loving it so far! Lyla was eagerly packing her bag for "church school" as she called it. 
 I've started bathing these 2 together. They love it. :)
 Lyla has a new obsession with washing dishes. Every time she hears me at the sink, she grabs a chair and pushes it over, wanting to help. So, I'm taking advantage and putting her to work! :)
 I was on the phone with my mom the other day, and walked in to find Lyla doing her pretend make-up on Lowen. Lowen is going to be one chilled out girl after all the abuse she puts up with from her sister! :)
Chickfila and Swimming at the pool with John Chester on his first birthday!!
 This little angel looked so pretty for church this morning in her outfit from Katie!

 And we declared it a boot-wearin' kind of Sunday!

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  1. LOVE every single on of these pictures. You are blessed with two PRECIOUS girls!